Indian Economy Questions Answers PDF for Competitive Exams

Indian Economy Questions Answers

Candidates preparing for any competitive exams or government exams must prepare well for all topics that will appear in the exam. To enhance your preparation for the examination we are providing Indian Economy Questions Answers PDF here.

  • In most of the competitive exams, there is a section named General Awareness which includes various topics like History, Geography, Biology, Chemistry, Economy, Polity, and many more.
  • To help you all with these topics, we have compiled Indian Economy Questions with answers from many previous year competitive exam papers.
  • Begin your preparation for government exams like SSC by going through SSC CGL Study Notes which helps you to understand various concepts in detail.

Indian Economy Questions Answers PDF for Competitive Exams

It is important for all candidates to be aware of all the topics that appear in the General Awareness section. Here we are providing a PDF that consists of most expected Economy questions for competitive exams.

  • Though there is less number of questions appearing from this section, candidates must make sure to study well so that it can result in getting full marks from this section.
  • Along with Economy, candidates can also download Geography Questions PDF that can help in preparing for competitive exams.
  • Go through the PDF carefully and study each question. Also, practice them regularly so that you remember the answers for a long time.

Important Economy Questions with Answers

Here is the list of Economy Questions along with answers. Go through the questions to know different types of questions that can appear for competitive exams.

1. Who was the first administrator-statesman to attempt planning as a means for economic development? – M Viswesvarayya 

2. The aim of which of the Five Year Plans was to correct the disequilibrium in the economy? – First Five Year Plan

3. Which Indian state has the largest number of cotton textile mills? – Maharashtra 

4. When, for the first time, did the Prime Minister of India announce the 20-Point Economic Programme? – 1975

5. Census in India is being held regularly after every – 10 years

6. People belonging to what age group is eligible for training under TRYSEM scheme? – 18-35 

7. According to the census in 2001, which city in India has the largest population? – Mumbai 

8.  In terms of geographical area, India occupies what position in the world? – seven 

9.  India does not share its boundary with which of the following countries? – Taiwan 

10. The data of estimation of India’s National income is issued by? – Central Statistical Organisation

Download Indian Economy Questions Answers PDF

These are just a sample of Indian Polity General Knowledge questions. Go through the PDF to know more questions and answers.


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