How to Increase Speed in Reasoning Ability For SSC And Bank Exams

How to Increase Speed in Reasoning Ability

How to Increase Speed in Reasoning Ability – Improve your speed of solving problems

How to Increase Speed in Reasoning Ability For SSC And Bank Exams

How to Increase Speed in Reasoning Ability – Hacks to crack SSC and Bank exams

Logical Reasoning constitutes an important part of competitive exams like SSC CGL and Bank exams. There is a time limit for all of these exams; and many students find this a hurdle to success.

You might be able to solve a problem but if it takes you 10 minutes to solve it, it’s of no use practically. You need to learn how to increase your speed of thinking and solving problems.

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Best Way to Increase Speed:

Reasoning test is taken to test your analytical skills and logical capacity. This section can be advantageous to you as it is a very scoring section.

However, your aim should not be to attempt the maximum number of questions. If you do attempt a lot of questions without accuracy, there is a high chance of scoring negative marks. It can be harmful for your score.

Try to increase your speed with accuracy. Here, concentration is a key factor to achieve it.

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Hacks to Increase Speed:

1) Like Sherlock Holmes once told Dr. Watson, never assume any information. Go with a blank mind. And study the question carefully. Process all the information, and if required, make diagrams.

2) If you tried one way and couldn’t solve a problem, go with a different route. Think of and implement other techniques to solve.

3) This is the best advice any one can give you (though it is also the most common one): solve previous years’ question papers. Contribute a lot of your time into this step. This will help you learn the type of questions asked beforehand.

4) After solving enough question papers, analyze your performance. Observe what are your weak areas and where you are good at.

5) Attempt the topics you are good at, in the beginning. Keep the other questions for later.

6) Divide the questions into: short and time-consuming ones. As is obvious, go with the short ones first.

Here, short doesn’t mean that the question appears short. A question may be lengthy but the steps required to solve it can be merely 2. Attempt those questions first which takes less steps to solve.

Division of Questions based on Time consumed:

Time Required To Solve



Direction sense, ranking, series completion


Syllogism, blood relations


Seating arrangement, puzzles, crosswords

Extra Tips to Increase Your Speed:

1) Draw diagrams according to the information given for direction sense problems. This speeds up the process tremendously.

2) For seating arrangement and puzzle questions, go with the rule of elimination.

Note down all the possible sequences. As you proceed further to the last statement, you will be left with only one sequence (all the other sequences will be eliminated).

3) For blood relation problems, draw a tree diagram.

4) For MCQs involving big numbers, you don’t have to do exact calculations. Make approximate calculations so that you can select the right option.

We would like to give you another advice: practice! Practice a lot as it’s the only way to get better at solving, thus increasing your speed. Take as many mock tests as possible.

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