Inclination of Indian youth towards government bank jobs

Why are Indian Youths attracted towards Bank Jobs?-Check Here, Prospects of bank jobs in India down the line

What do you feel is the most important criteria for deciding the type of job you want to peruse? Jobs which are readily available with average salary or job with assured stability and a decent pay? Of course, 95 percent of youth will go for the second option. There is no surprise in it as everybody needs a stable job with a handsome pay scale.

Candidates with graduation degrees in commerce have a genuine purpose of choosing bank jobs as it inculcates their field. Now, the question of the decade is “Why bank jobs after graduation in science and arts?”

Well, there may be a pile of reasons for this question. But the most obvious reason could be the solidity of the bank jobs. Stability matters!

This article will help you to get a lucid idea of why youth prefer bank jobs on a large scale.

One student out of every four students seek jobs in banking sector. So, our point of discussion will revolve around “Why is it so?”

Bank jobs are the most lucrative and money- making career option now- a- days. If you are a bank employee, you gain enormous prestige in your society. (Especially if you get in any of the prominent government banks). What could be the main reason then? Is it the ample benefits the employees get? The answer is certainly a big ‘YES’.

Various government banks like SBI, RBI, IBPS etc. are the largest employment providers which make them stand out of the crowd as the most preferred ones. This is the reason why most of the students aspire for jobs in these banks.

Let us discuss some of the major reasons in detail so that you get a crisp idea:

  1. Emerging opportunities: If we look at the senior workforce working in those banks, they are almost 50 percent of the total workforce. So, it is quite obvious that retirements happen at a greater pace. This is expected to create enormous employment opportunities for the aspirants.
  2. Security of job: It is considered as the most secured job. A person joins, works and retires. No firing.
  3. The “Linear Growth” factor: The bank jobs are growing rapidly from the past three to four years. A recent prediction says the banks jobs will tremendously grow in the upcoming decades. Three cheers for this!
  4. Requirements of young and raw talent: The “Brevity” phase of banks have made them more desperate to incorporate heavy technology. After this take, they need to employ fresh individuals with high technological grasp to take care of these technologies and interact with the customers efficiently.
  5. Benefits all the way.…” – Do we really need to explicitly mention them? Mostly not required as everyone is well aware of the benefits a bank employee enjoys. In fact, this benefit scale is more than any other government employee. These include housing loans, furniture allowance, festival allowance, newspaper allowance, maid allowance, auto loans etc. Thus, it is a great job option for the fresher’s as well as experienced candidates.
  6. Personal growth: Can you think of sustaining at a workplace without any personal growth? Definitely No. Banks are the perfect platforms for expeditious growth based on performance.
  7. Opportunities in abroad: The employees may also get a chance to work for different branches located outside the country. This gives a podium for outrageous exposure and deliberate work satisfaction.
  8. Safety: This could be a primary concern everywhere! Bank jobs ensure your safety to the every possible extent. This is a great aspect especially for women.
  9. Flexible working hours: You definitely need some time for family, friends and yourself after your working hours. Banking sector job is the perfect option then. The working hours are from 9 to 5 (may extend at times based on demands). You have a relaxed work schedule there.
  10. Holidays: Bank employees enjoy a number of holidays as compared to private sector. This gives them ample time for recreation.
  11. A Saviour after retirement: Public sector bank employees can lead a healthy and prosperous life even after retirement. The pension schemes ensure economic safety for a lifetime along with other long term savings like health care funds, PF etc.

Who can help you in getting into these government bank jobs? We have a number of coaching institutions down the lane who will help you achieve your goals. As they say, “Where there is a will, there is a way”. You have to spot the way for your will of getting into government bank jobs.

Word of mouth from the employees:

“Great place to learn about banking and finance. Largest bank. Vast presence and opportunities to serve at various locations in the country and abroad.” says a SBI full time employee.

“I was placed through campus recruitment as Assistant Manager and within a span of five years, I was promoted as a Manager. “Says a manager of a reputed public sector bank

These statements clearly notify how well the employees are settled in their job prospective.

So, on a concluding note, it can be said the bank jobs are great option to explore the greatest of careers. You are the one to decide and sculpt your career. We wish you loads of luck. Stay tuned for more interesting articles.


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