Improve Your Vocabulary From Newspaper 7th December 2017 PDF

Improve Your Vocabulary From Newspaper 7th December 2017

Improve Your Vocabulary From Newspaper 7th December 2017 PDF- Learn easy way of how to improve vocabulary online and learn a word a day

Improve Your Vocabulary From Newspaper 7th December 2017

Improve Your Vocabulary From Newspaper 7th December 2017- Improving Vocabulary is one of the most pivotal necessities to be able to speak good English. When you have an improved vocabulary, you sound intelligent for sure. People are judged based on their language and appearance. If you speak well, it also improves your written skills to a great extent. As we all know “grammar and vocabulary go hand in hand”, so it is very important to enhance your vocabulary. In this article on “improve your vocabulary from newspaper 7th December 2017”, we will learn new words with their meaning listed in a passage taken from a recent news.

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English language have been a nightmare for many students. Students keep searching for various sources to improve their vocab skills. Some of the recent searches we could record are as follows-

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For all your searches as given above, we are ready to cater your needs via articles like Improve Your Vocabulary From Newspaper. Let us get started with this passage on the sad news of obituary of the legendary bollywood actor Shashi Kapoor. May his soul rest in peace, he will be loved beyond words and missed beyond measure-


India’s legendary actor and veteran Bollywood star Shashi Kapoor passed away Monday, at the age of 79, family members said.

“The actor was admitted to the Kokilaben hospital in Mumbai.

“He was administered several rounds of dialysis at the hospital and today evening he breathed his last,” a family member told media.

Born on March 18, 1938 in Kolkata city in India’s eastern state of West Bengal, Kapoor made his debut in 1961, as the lead actor, in the Hindi film Dharamputra.

Prior to it, he began his acting career as a child artist in the 1940s.

Reports said he acted in more than 175 films mainly in mainstream Bollywood and art films. Kapoor has worked in English films too.

The actor’s performance has been widely acknowledged and has been felicitated with several awards.

Kapoor’s death has been widely condoled in India.

A number of people took to social networking websites to express condolences and recalled their association with the deceased.

Kapoor earned acclaim for his performance in notable Hindi films which include Deewaar, Satyam Shivam Sundaram, Junoon, Shaan, Namak Halaal and others.

He had been suffering from ailments for the past few years.

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Improve Your Vocabulary From Newspaper 7th December 2017- Highlighted words with meanings:

  • Debut– a person’s first performance in a particular role.
  • Acknowledged (derived from Acknowledge)– recognized as being good or important
  • Felicitated (derived from Felicitate)- congratulated
  • Condoled (derived from condole)– express sympathy for someone
  • Deceased- recently dead person
  • Acclaim– public appreciation
  • Ailment– illness, typically a minor one

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