Important One Word Substitutions SSC CGL Tier 2 2017

Important One Word Substitutions SSC CGL Tier 2 2017: A complete list.

Important One Word Substitutions SSC CGL Tier 2 2017

Important One Word Substitutions SSC CGL Tier 2 2017: Crack English Language section.

English Section can be a very challenging one for a number of candidates. It’s very important to have good grammar knowledge and strengthen your vocabulary.

A fun and proven method of improving your English language is: by reading English novels and books. Furthermore, speak with friends and family in English; this helps you improve your sentence formation skills and grammar.

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We have listed below a number of important one word substitutions frequently asked in this exam. We have also given the meaning of the words.


Important One Word Substitutions:

1) Arsenal: A place where weapons and ammunitions stored.

2) Allegory: A story in which ideas are symbolized as people.

3) Altruist: A person who thinks unselfishly for others.

4) Ambivert: One who turns thoughts both inwards and outwards.

5) Bigot: A person who is intolerant towards those holding different opinions.

6) Bibliophile: A person who loves or collects books.

7) Barbarism: State of being uncivilized, ignorant or rude.

8) Cardinal: Of prime importance.

9) Creche: A nursery where children are cared for while their parents are at work.

10) Cloak room: A place for luggage at railway station.

11) Cacographist: A person who is bad in spellings.

12) Convalescent: One who is recovering health.

13) Credulous: Too ready to believe.

14) Delible: That which can be effaced or blotted out.

15) Decry: Speak critically of somebody or something to make him seems less valuable.

16) Destitution: Lack of the necessities of life.

17) Delirium: A state of mental confusion and disturbance.

18) Egregious: That surpasses other.

19) Epigram: A pithy saying or remark expressing an idea in a clever and amusing way.

20) Ephemeral: Lasting for a very short time.

21) Fastidious: Hard to please.

22) Fiasco: A complete failure, especially a ludicrous or humiliating one.

23) Fumigate: Purify (an area) with the fumes of certain chemicals.

24) Gerontology: The scientific study of old age.

25) Gratis: Without charge; free.

26) Gamut: The complete range or scope of something.

27) Greenhorn: A person who is new to or inexperienced at a particular activity.

28) Hypochondria: Abnormal or unnecessary anxiety about one’s health.

29) Henchman: A faithful follower or political supporter.

30) Hedonism: The belief that the most important thing in the world is the pleasure.

31) Impudent: One who does not show respect to other.

32) Impeccable: Not capable of doing wrong.

33) Impostor: A person who pretends to be someone else in order to deceive others.

34) Juxtapose: Placing a thing beside another.

35) Jaunt: A short excursion or journey made for pleasure.

36) Jargon: Special words or expressions used by a profession or group that are difficult for others to understand.

37) Jab: Poke roughly or quickly, especially with something sharp or pointed.

38) Kleptomania: An abnormal desire to steal.

39) Killjoy: One who spoil the joy of others.

40) Ken: Not within the range of what someone knows or understand.

41) Loquacious: One who talks too much.

42) Laconic: Using few words in writing or speech.

43) Lynch: Kill someone for alleged crime without any trial.

44) Misogynist: A person who dislikes, despises, or is strongly prejudiced against women.

45) Mercenary: Primarily concerned with making money at the expense of ethics.

46) Misanthropist: A person who dislikes humankind and avoids human society.

47) Misnomer: A wrong or inaccurate use of a name or term.

48) Nepotism: Favouring ones own’s relatives.

49) Narcissism: Abnormal and Excessive admiration of oneself.

50) Notorious: Famous or well known, typically for some bad quality or deed.

51) Oculist: One skilled in the disease of eyes.

52) Omnipotent: One who has great power and most powerful.

53) Outriders: Policemen riding on motorcycles as guards.

54) Pedantic: A style in which a writer seeks to display his knowledge.

55) Panacea: A cure to all.

56) Perjury: The act of making a false oath in a judicial proceeding.

57) Pseudonym: An imaginary name assumed by an author for disguise.

58) Quintuplet: Each of five children born at one birth.

59) Quack: A doctor who dishonestly pretends to have medical skills or knowledge.

60) Quixotic: Extremely idealistic; unrealistic and impractical.

61) Qualm: An uneasy sick feeling.

62) Regicide: Murder of the King.

63) Rampant: Getting worse quickly and in an uncontrolled way.

64) Repartee: A quick witty reply.

65) Retrospective: Looking back on or dealing with past events or situations.

66) Stoic: One who is indifferent to pleasure and pain.

67) Sycophant: A person who tries to win favour by flattering other.

68) Soliloquy: Speaking aloud alone.

69) Somnambulist: One who walk in sleep.

70) Sinecure: A post with high salary but no work.

71) Teetotaler: A person who never drinks alcohol.

72) Taciturn: One who is not talkative.

73) Transgressor: One who violates the rule.

74) Trousseau: An outfit of bride.

75) Usurer: One who lends money at a very high rate.

76) Uxorious: One who is extremely fond of one’s wife.

77) Ubiquitous: Present, appearing, or found everywhere.

78) Utopia: Imaginary places in which the government, laws,and social conditions are perfect.

79) Veteran: One who is experienced in something.

80) Velodrome: A track designed for cycling.

81) Valetudinarian: One who always thinks himself/herself to be ill.

82) Windfall: An unexpected piece of good fortune.

83) Xenophobia: Intense dislike or fear of foreigners or strangers.

84) Zoophile: A person who loves animals.

85) Zymology: Study of enzymes.

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