Important Current Affairs 2017 for Bank Exams PDF

Important Current Affairs 2017 for Bank Exams PDF – Download important current affairs for 2017 in Free PDF

Important Current Affairs 2017 for Bank Exams PDF

Current affairs are an important part of Bank exams because a candidate who aspires to work as an employee in any bank is expected to be knowledgeable of every happening in the world. So, it is important to keep a continuous track of everyday news along with a complete understanding of the laws, regulations, acts and schemes of the government because a bank officer is a key medium for financial transactions of a common man. Here are the important topics to be studied under current affairs for bank exams.

Topics to be covered under current affairs for bank exams:

Usually, knowledge on current affairs is obtained by reading newspapers and magazines every day. Still, there are a lot of websites and study materials along with blogs which give an update either months or date wise of the current affairs across the world. Studying these will enhance the knowledge of current affairs for bank exams. However, here are a few key regions of interest one should cover as an aspiring candidate for bank jobs:

1. Budget 2017: This is the main chapter to be studied in the month of January. The Indian budget, its formulations, schemes, regulatory acts that were imposed should all be covered. Also, you must go through the state wise budgets like the Kerala and Bihar Budgets

2. Appointments: In the month of February there are a lot of appointments in the key designations of both India and across the globe. Check out the major ones and study them carefully so that you don’t miss out on any chief member of an important designation like the chief director, chief secretary, ambassador etc.

3. Technology and Digitization: With demonetization and the greater views of our honorable P.M a lot of improvements have happened in the field of digitization and technology. Read the solar plant implementations, ISRO achievements, digitization of government offices, systems brought about in educational sectors and banks

4. MoUs: For the improvement of the so-called developing nation there are a few MoUs signed between nations which should be covered as these are the important current affairs for bank exams in 2017.

5. Electricity, sports, awards and deaths are also some of the other current affairs to be studied to gain complete knowledge to answer the expected questions in the bank exams.

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