Important Competitive Exam Computer Questions and Answers PDF 2019

Important Competitive Exam Computer Questions and Answers PDF

Practice important Computer questions for Competitive exams here. We have compiled the top 100 competitive exam computer questions and answers for candidates who are preparing for various government exams like SSC JE, CHSL, JE, CGL, and other competitive exams.

  • Download the Computer Questions PDF now to practice well for various government exams.
  • This PDF is prepared by a panel of experts from previous year SSC Exams.
  • In all the government exams and other competitive exams, Computer section is a mandatory topic.
  • Candidates must be well practiced for this section to score more.

Computer Questions and Answers PDF for Competitive Exams

In all competitive Exams, computer section holds at least 10-15% of the overall marks. As it is less percentage, candidates must not neglect this section. Candidates who are preparing for government exams or any other competitive exams can go through the computer questions and answers here.

Download Computer Questions and Answers PDF

How to Utilize Important Competitive Exam Computer Questions PDF?

There is a lot of importance in practicing Questions from Computer section for government exams. Candidates must know the ways to utilize this PDF and prepare accordingly. Check out the below-listed points to remember while practicing questions from Computer section.

  • View or download the PDF in the above-provided link
  • Begin with solving questions from a single topic under the Computer section.
  • Take up one topic at a time.
  • As Computer section might be for fewer marks, candidates think it will be easy and neglect. But, ensure to practice for it equally like the other sections.
  • Take up Computer Mock Tests after practicing all topics.
  • Make sure to revise all topics when the exam is coming nearby.
  • Practicing computer section well will fetch you a lot of marks and increase your overall score. So practice regularly and be perfect in the Computer section.

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