Important Biology Questions and Answers PDF for Competitive Exams

Important Biology Questions and Answers

Biology is one of the most important Topics in Science subject and we come across Biology related questions in many competitive exams like SSC, Bank Exams, IAS, UPSC, and all state-related exams. So help all candidates with the preparation for these eams, we are providing a PDF on important Biology Questions and Answers for all competitive exams.

  • Candidates who are appearing for government exams or any competitive exams can go through this article to know all the important questions in Biology.
  • Biology, being a vast subject is tough to study all topics at a time. So, going through some important questions in this topic will let you be aware of different types of questions.
  • In this post, we have compiled the top 100 Important Biology Questions and Answers in PDF format from many previous year Competitive exam papers.
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Important Biology Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams

Though there is very less number of questions appearing from this section, it is good to be aware of Biology related General Knowledge Questions and Answers.

  • Candidates who practice regularly from this Biology Questions PDF can easily score more in all competitive exams.
  • It is common that candidates tend to neglect topics with less number of questions but if practiced well this topic will definitely fetch you all marks.
  • Along with biology, candidates can also practice Important Chemistry Questions that will be helpful for cracking many competitive exams.

Biology General Knowledge Questions and Answers

Here are a few questions from Biology topic that are collated from previous year exam papers. Take a look at them and know which type of questions can appear in the examinations.

1. The vitamin which is very liable and easily destroyed during cooking, as well as storage, is – Vitamin C

2. The compound used in the anti-malarial drug is – Chloroquine

3. The richest source of vitamin D is – Cod liver oil

4. Which vitamin is provided by sunlight to the body? – Vitamin D

5. Which is the vegetable protein that is considered as good as an animal protein? – Soyabean protein

6.  Carotene in Indian cow’s milk causes – yellow colour

7. A woman who weighs 45 kg and whose work involves a lot of physical exertion needs how many calories per day? – 3000 calories per day

8. Foot and mouth disease is found in – Cattle

9. Which chamber of human heart pumps fully oxygenated blood to the aorta and later to the body? – Left Ventricle

10. What is the pH level of blood of a normal person? – 7.35 – 7.45

Download Important Biology Questions and Answers PDF

These are a just sample type of biology questions for competitive exams from previous year exam papers. Go through the PDF carefully in order to be well prepared for any of the upcoming competitive exams.


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