IBPS SO Vs SBI PO: Which One is a Better Career and Why?

South Indian Bank Probationary Clerk Recruitment

IBPS SO Vs SBI PO- Get details of IBPS SO vs SBI PO, a comparison of which one is the better with job profile, salary, career growth/ promotions, work pressure, etc.

IBPS SO Vs SBI PO: Which One is a Better Career and Why?

IBPS SO Vs SBI PO- In the recent years, bank PO and SO jobs have gained much traction among young job aspirants of the country due to the fast recruitment process. Aspirants line up to vie for these jobs and there is cut throat competition everywhere. If a bank PO is required for efficiency of transactions, a specialist cadre of officers is required to ensure smooth business. But, how will you choose which one is better among two big names like “IBPS SO” and “SBI PO“? In this article on IBPS SO Vs SBI PO, we will try to resolve your dilemma by discussing various pros and cons about both the profiles. This comparison will help you take a viable decision if you are confused with ‘which is better po or so in banks’-

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SBI PO: A Role full of diversions

The SBI PO post acts as the backbone of a bank. It is because of the range of assignments managed by him/ her throughout his/ her work hours. Starting from branch banking to corporate banking, wealth management, third party products, alternate delivery channels, credit, foreign operations, the responsibilities are diverse:

  • Don many hats: The post of PO has ample opportunities to contribute positively towards nation’s economic growth because of the diverse roles.
  • Rural and semi urban postings: You may get postings in rural as well as urban areas. It depends solely on your luck and performance. You should be ready to serve in any unheard place without basic amenities.
  • Transfers are frequent: Transfers are frequent in SB You get transfer in three years and you may get it anywhere across India.
  • SO in bank salary: Rs. 45, 000 /- (approx.)
  • Selection Process: Prelims-> Mains-> Interview
  • Fast promotions, bank specialist officer career growth: If your work is up-to-the mark excellence, SBI PO is a good place for fast growth and promotions. It is- Assistant Manager-> Branch Manager -> Chief Manager -> AGM -> CGM -> DGM -> GM.
  • Learning curve is high: You get to learn new things every day. You come to the office but you don’t have any idea what all you will learn throughout the day.
  • Stress is more than other officer cadres: The importance of this post makes these officers liable to increase the business of the bank amidst fierce competition.

IBPS SO: Opportunity to stick to your field of study

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To ensure smooth business, IBPS recruits specialist officers in disciplines like HR, Law, Information technology, Rajbhasha Adhikari etc. Those people take care of resolving issues related to these particular areas:

  • Chance to use academic knowledge: In case you are highly passionate about your academic subject, this job is the right place for you. IBPS SO will give you ample scope to apply all you have learnt in your college /university. You will deal with issues which will require implementation of your academic knowledge.
  • Urban postings: In case you are not comfortable with rural postings, IBPS SO is a good choice for you! You will be posted in either regional office or zonal office or the head office of the bank.
  • Less transfers: The number of transfers in case of these officers is less- four to five times maximum in their whole careers.
  • Salary: Rs. 30, 000- 38, 000/-
  • Selection Process: Prelims (Aptitude Test)-> Mains (Professional Knowledge)-> Interview
  • Less chance of promotion: Yes, you have read that right. You can rise up to a certain level but, you have to switch to general banking after that in case you want to rise up to GM or executive director level. It is- Assistant Manager-> Manager -> Senior Manager -> Chief Manager -> Asst. General Manager -> Deputy General Manager -> General Manager.
  • Stress is less: You hardly face issues as there won’t be tasks for you on daily basis. But, in situations where required, you will have to perform your best.
  • No public interaction: No interaction with public is involved. .
  • Salary is quite same with that of generalist officers: Good pay with lesser responsibilities.

We hope that this article on IBPS SO vs SBI PO will give you some useful insights. Stay tuned for more updates like this. All the best!


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