IBPS SO Prelims Questions Asked 30th December 2017

IBPS SO Prelims Questions Asked

IBPS SO questions asked all slots – Check the detailed slot wise IBPS SO Prelims Questions Asked 30 December 2017 Slot 1. Get detailed IBPS SO 2017 Questions asked in prelims.

IBPS SO Prelims Questions Asked 30th December 2017

IBPS SO Prelims Slot 1 has been conducted successfully and all the students must be seeking for the questions asked in today’s exam. In this article on IBPS SO Prelims Questions asked, we have provided the details of the questions asked in all the slots of IBPS SO prelims 30th December 2017.

Let’s have a look at the exam pattern and other important details. IBPS SO exam is a very important exam for all those who are aspiring to become a specialist officer in future.

We hope that all the students have performed well on the first shift of the exam. Go through the full article to check the questions asked in IBPS SO Prelims asked today.

IBPS SO Prelims Exam Pattern 2017

Name of Test

NO.s of






2 Hours

English Language









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IBPS SO Questions Asked 30th December 2017 Prelims 1st Slot

IBPS SO Prelims Questions Asked – Quantitative Aptitude

  1. Data Interpretation – An organization was divided into 4 departments with total 120 Male & female employees. Female employees were 30% more than male.
  2. Average of Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday = 34, Average of Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday = 33 & Value of Thursday = 29. What is the value of Monday?
  3. 7 11 18 34 77 ?
  4. 4 13 41 106 232 ?
  5. Approximation had a Question on Surds and Indices was asked, you had to find x: 104÷ ?+75 = 8

IBPS SO Prelims Questions Asked – Reasoning Ability

  1. 8 persons, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W had different no. of books. The no. of books were 2, 4, 5, 6 , 8 , 9 , 13, 16.
  2. Linear Arrangement –
    Set 1 – Normal – No. of people specified who like different vehicles.
    Set 2 – No. of people were not specified.
  3. Order & Ranking – 6 friends that have different no. of books.
  4. INVESTOR – How many groups of letters in the word are in the alphabetical order.
  5. NORMAL – Replace 1st alphabet with 6th, 2nd with 5th, 3rd with 4th. 

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IBPS SO Prelims Questions Asked – English

  1. Reading Comprehension – 8 Qs. (topic on Driverless  Cars, their Pros & Cons)
  2. Reading Comprehension – 7 Qs. (Bitcoins)
  3. Phrase Replacement – asked for multiple options.4.Fill in the Blanks – One blank with multiple words that could fit the blank – options were ‘a only’, ‘both a and b’, etc.
    Words given against the blank were – (A) Comforts, (B) Merits, (C) Profit, (D) Advantages . However, options were like ‘only (A)’, ‘(A) and (B)’, ‘(B) and (C)’, ‘Only (C)’, ‘None Fits’ or ‘All Fit’.

5.Error Spotting – 2 error spotting
1.) Future of offline or physical shopping. This was actually a 
vocab-based error spotting but asked as Cloze Test.
This means, 4 words in each sentence of the passage were printed in bold and one of the words out of the 4 was not grammatically and contextually correct.
2.) Grammar based Error Spotting. You had to find the erroneous pair in the sentence. The error was in 2 parts and you had to find the combination of the erroneous parts! Options were given like: ‘AC’,  ‘BD’, ‘AD’, ‘BC’ and ‘No Error’

6.Parajumble – 5 Qs – Only 1st sentence was given.

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Stay tuned for more updates on IBPS SO Prelims Questions Asked 30th December 2017 and get the latest updates just after the slot 2.


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