Syllogism Questions with Answers PDF

In every government exam or competitive exams, Reasoning is one of the marks scoring section. If well prepared, aspirants can easily crack this section with a high score. There are many topics included in Reasoning subject and Syllogism is one such topic based on statements and conclusions. To help ease out the preparation for the syllogism topic, we have provided Syllogism Questions and Answers in this post. Also, know the tricks to answer Syllogism Questions correctly.

Syllogism Questions and Answers PDF

The syllogism is considered to be a scoring topic in the SSC, Banking, and Railways Exam. With good practice, candidates can score well in the reasoning part.

  • In every Government Exam, there are at least 1 or 2 Syllogism Questions asked.
  • Aspirants are advised to think logically in order to answer the Syllogism Questions correctly. Solving FREE Reasoning Quiz regularly can help in knowing the difficulty level of the exam.
  • Learn the tips and tricks to answer the Syllogs questions. Also, download the Free Syllogism Questions PDF in this post and enhance your preparation.

What is Syllogism?

A syllogism is a question of verbal and is frequently asked in competitive examinations in the Reasoning Section. The syllogism questions will comprise of one or more statements followed by some conclusions. You have to find which conclusions logically follow the given statements.

How to Solve Syllogism Questions in Government Exam?

In order to answer the Syllogism Questions, there are certain rules to be followed. Let us take a quick glance at some of the main rules to solve Syllogism Problems:

  • All+All => All.
  • All+No => No.
  • All+Some => No Conclusion.
  • Some+All => Some.
  • Some+No =>  Some Not.
  • Some+Some =>  No Conclusion.

If the conclusion provided in the question is in “Possibility” case then you must proceed as per the rules are given below-

  • If All A are B => Some B is Not A is a Possibility.
  • If Some B are Not A => All A are B is a Possibility.
  • If Some A are B => All A are B is a Possibility & All B are A is a Possibility.

In possibilities cases, we need to create all possibilities to find whether the given conclusion is possible or not. If it is possible and satisfies the given statement than the given conclusion will follow otherwise conclusion will not follow.

Download FREE Syllogism Questions PDF

Candidates can download the free Syllogism Questions with Answers PDF from the below table. These Syllogism Questions & Answers include many previous year questions and most expected questions for upcoming examinations.

Syllogism Question Papers Download Link
Syllogism Question paper 1 Download PDF
Syllogism Question paper 2 Download PDF
Syllogism Question paper 3 Download PDF
Syllogism Question paper 4 Download PDF
Syllogism Question paper 5 Download PDF
Syllogism Question paper 6 Download PDF
Syllogism Question paper 7 Download PDF
Syllogism Question paper 8 Download PDF
Syllogism Question paper 9 Download PDF
Syllogism Question paper 10 Download PDF
Syllogism Question paper 11 Download PDF
Syllogism Question Paper 12 Download PDF

Tips and Tricks to Solve Syllogism Questions

Important Syllogism Questions with Answers free pdf Download will help you get ideal tips to solve syllogism questions in the Government exam. In this section, you will generally get 4-5 syllogism questions.

  • Always make Venn diagrams for the easy representation of the information in the question. Read all the statements given in the question one by one.
  • Try to figure out how to draw Venn Diagrams for each statement.
  • Observe if there are any familiar concepts or statements in the given syllogism.
  • Finding the conclusion will be your next step.
  • Figure out how to draw a conclusion for each concept/statement.
  • You need not memorize any statement or conclusion.
  • Make sure you understand the concept well and draw the Venn diagram accordingly.
  • The major part is to attempt the questions in a sequential manner.

Syllogism Questions in SSC Exams

In all SSC Exams like SSC CGL, SSC JE, SSC CPO, and others there is a Reasoning included in the online exam. In the Reasoning section, there is a topic named syllogism based on Statements and Conclusions. The below table shows the weightage of Syllogism in SSC Exams.

Topic Weightage of Questions
Syllogism 3-4 Questions

Syllogism Questions in Bank Exams

In various Bank Exams like IBPS, SBI, and others, we can observe the Reasoning section included in the exam pattern. In order to test the candidate’s logical thinking, the exam officials have included this section in the exams. Go through the number of Syllogism questions asked in Bank Exams.

Topic Weightage of Questions
Syllogism 4-5 Questions

Syllogism Questions in Railway Exams

Candidates appearing for Railways Exam must be well prepared for the Reasoning section as it can fetch you more marks if prepared well. Know the average number of Syllogism Questions that can appear in various Railway Exams from the below table.

Topic Weightage of Questions
Syllogism 3-4 Questions

Important Syllogism Questions and Answers

Here are few Syllogism Questions asked in previous year exams of SSC, Banking, and Railways. I. Statements 

  • All onions are costly.
  • Only a few costly are tomatoes.
  • No tomatoes are brown.

Conclusions 1. All costly can be brown. 2. All onion can be brown. Answer: Only 2 follows II. Statements

  • All the beds are wooden.
  • Some wooden are tables.
  • Only a few tables are iron.

Conclusions 1. Some beds are iron is not a possibility. 2. No tables are bed. Answer: Neither follows III. Statements

  • No fresh are stale.
  • Some greens are stale.
  • Only few fresh are grapes.

Conclusions 1. All grapes can be stale. 2. Some greens can be fresh. Answer: Only 2 follows IV. Statements

  • Only a few blue are water.
  • Some water are ice.
  • No ice are blue.

Conclusions 1. Some water is not ice. 2. All ice can be water. Answer: Both follow V. Statements

  • Some offices are building.
  • Only a few buildings are houses.
  • Only a few buildings are green.

Conclusions 1. Some offices are green. 2. Some houses can be green. Answer: Only 2 follows VI. Statements

  • No kings are knights.
  • Some knights are warriors.
  • Only a few princes are warriors.

Conclusions 1. All prince can be kings. 2. All king can be a warrior. Answer: Both follow VII. Statements

  • No blues are honey.
  • Some honey is brown.
  • All brown is black

Conclusions 1. Only a few honey are black. 2. Some black can be blue. Answer: Only 1 Follows

Syllogism Questions with Answers – Important Reasoning Topics

The important topics asked in Banking Reasoning Ability Section are as follows-

  • Analogy
  • Number Series
  • Coding-Decoding
  • Arithmetic Reasoning
  • Relationship Concepts
  • Non-Verbal Reasoning
  • Statements & Conclusion
  • Syllogism

Syllogism questions are usually time taking because of the associated complexity. Scores in a syllogism can either make or break your performance in the exam, practice with the Banking Syllogism Questions and increase your chances of cracking the SBI Clerk Exam.

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