IBPS PO Sentence improvement Questions with Solution – Download Free PDF

IBPS PO Sentence improvement Questions

Institute of Banking Personnel Selection recruits thousands of candidates for the post of Probationary Officer through the IBPS PO Exam. This post will help in preparing for sentence improvement Questions asked in the English Language section of the IBPS Exam. The direct link to Download IBPS PO Sentence improvement Questions with Answer PDF has been mentioned below.

This article along with the PDF is basically a study-guide which will help in solving questions on “Sentence Improvement” and help in clearing the IBPS Exam. IBPS Sentence improvement Questions with Solution Free PDF Download will help with sentence improvement/ phrase replacement questions with answers along with tips & tricks for IBPS exams

IBPS PO Sentence improvement Questions with Solution

  • IBPS PO Syllabus covers:- English LanguageLogical Reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude and Computer Aptitude
  • With the right amount of practice, English section can be very scoring as compared to other sections of the IBPS PO Exam.
  • Sentence improvement questions are frequently asked in the English section of the IBPS PO Examination.
  • This can be a very scoring topic once you have managed to understand the basic concept of the exam.
  • Go through the IBPS PO Preparation Tips to know about the right strategies, tips and study material for exam preparation.
  • Download and practice with the IBPS PO Sentence improvement Questions with Answers PDF from the link mentioned below.

What type of questions are asked in Sentence Improvement?

The sentence correction questions cover all English Language topics and candidates need to rectify one of the following –

  • Subject-Verb Agreement
  • Usage of Pronouns
  • Tenses, Modifiers and Prepositions
  • Spellings and word usage

IBPS PO Sentence improvement Questions with Answer

Download IBPS PO Sentence improvement Questions with Answer PDF

Download the PDF file from the table below

IBPS PO Sentence Improvement Practice PDF
  • Answer all given questions in the PDF file
  • All Questions given in this PDF file are followed by 5 options, there is only 1 right option in each question.
  • Once you have answered all questions you can view the answer key given at the end of the IBPS PO Sentence Improvement Questions with Answer PDF file.

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How to Solve IBPS PO Sentence Improvement Questions with Answer?

Go through the following Sentence Improvement Examples and explanations to solve the IBPS PO Sentence Improvement Questions with ease

Moving on, let’s go through a few important sentence improvement tricks to tame questions on Sentence Correction/ sentence improvement. When you abide by certain sentence improvement rules, you can score much better-

Sentence Improvement Tips and Tricks-

Subject-Verb Agreement-

  • A singular subject takes a singular verb and a plural subject takes a plural verb.
  • If the subject is a ‘Collective noun’, then it will use a singular verb.

For example-

Example- The girl eats fruits. (‘Girl’ being singular takes singular verb ‘eats’)

Note:  Collective nouns – Cattle, poultry, police take a plural verb.

  • If the subjects are joined by ‘AND’; they take a plural verb. Whereas if they are joined by ‘OR’, they take a singular verb.

For example-

North and South are opposite to each other. (‘AND’ takes a plural verb)

The dog or the puppy is inside the house. (‘OR’ takes a singular verb)

  • Each, Everyone and Anyone will use a singular verb.

Usage of Pronouns- ‘I’ and ‘Me’: You can easily remember this way- we use ‘I’ as the subject, and ‘me’ as the object in a sentence. Generally, ‘I’ comes before the verb and ‘me’ comes after it.

For example-

Mike and I joined the dance class. (‘I’ is the subject here. Also ‘I’ is before the verb ‘joined’)

Mom took Asther and me to the park. (‘Me’ is used as an object here and it placed before the verb ‘took’)


When both subjects are singular, they always take a singular verb.

When one of the subjects is plural and the other one is singular, the verb is used as per the closest subject.

For example

Neither father nor I had dinner. (‘Father’ and ‘I’ are a singular, hence singular verb)

Neither me nor my friends are attending the party. (‘friends’ is plural hence plural verb)


Parallelism refers to carrying out several tasks simultaneously.

For example:

  • Suman likes to read, write and sing.
  • Suman likes reading, writing and singing.

Spellings and word usage

In order to practice questions testing spellings, you can go through any standard book with questions based on spelling and word usage.

For instance:

‘Few’ and ‘A few’

‘Few’ signifies something negligible. ‘A few’ refers to a small quantity.

Check the following things in the sentence to determine the source of error

  • Subject-verb agreement
  • Tense usage in the sentence
  • Spell check
  • Parallelism in the given sentences



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