IBPS PO Puzzle Questions & Answers PDF Download

IBPS PO Puzzle Questions with Answers FREE PDF Download

Institute of Banking Personnel Selection conducts the IBPS PO Exam annually to recruit for thousands of Probationary Officer Vacancies. This post will help in preparing for Puzzle questions asked in the Logical reasoning section of both Prelims & Mains exam. Find the direct link to download Free IBPS PO Puzzle Questions with Answers PDF from the link mentioned below.

IBPS PO Puzzle Questions & Answers

  • The Reasoning section is a tricky section and it is a major part of the IBPS Bank PO Exam as it is present in both prelims & mains exam.
  • With the right amount of practice, reasoning questions can be scoring. Practising with IBPS PO Puzzle Questions covers a major chunk of the Logical reasoning section.
  • The IBPS PO Preparation Tips will provide strategies and study material for exam preparation.
  • Download the IBPS PO Puzzle Questions with Answers Free PDF and master the Reasoning section.

IBPS PO Puzzle Questions with Answers

How to Get The IBPS PO Puzzle Questions with Answers?

Download the PDF from the table given below

Download the Puzzles PDF 1 with answers for IBPS PO  Download the Puzzles PDF 2 with answers for IBPS PO 
  • This PDF will have questions of all Puzzles including- box puzzle, scheduling puzzle, seating arrangement, floor puzzles, etc.
  • You need to practice more and more questions you improve your calculation speed.
  • When you have practised a variety of puzzle questions you will able to answer questions without getting tensed.
  • Practicing will also increase your speed in answering the Questions, hence make use of the IBPS PO Puzzle Questions with Answers to improve your Reasoning skills.
  • Puzzles are easy if you have practice but are extremely tough if you lack the same. So, we sincerely advise you all to practice ample questions from IBPS PO mock test and IBPS PO previous year questions. Almost every one of us has faced issues while facing puzzle questions.

IBPS PO Puzzle Questions & Answers FREE PDF Download – Tips to solve puzzles in IBPS PO

Given below are a few tips and tricks to solve puzzles in IBPS PO.

Check the parameters involved

You need to check the parameters involved in the question. Read the question thoroughly (once, twice or more) to get an idea of what is asked. Most importantly, check for the parameters given such as name, age, location, floor, height, blood relation, profession, department, etc.

Search for links

Each data given in the question is interlinked with some or the other information given in the question itself. You just need to make sure that you have used all the information given in the question and didn’t miss out anything.

Think of all the scenarios possible

You need to think of all the scenarios possible, one among which will be your answer. You can collect all scenarios in a table and later on strike out the incorrect options. At the end, you will be left with the correct response.

Collect Data and Tabulate

When you collect data from the question, tabulate the data which will make your approach way more organized and systematic. This will also enable you to find the relationships between various elements in the question.


A Question may have more than one parameters. In this case, keep one parameter constant and substitute other parameters. After this, move on to another parameter and substitute other parameters.

Read and Draw

Draw whatever is given in the question – a table or a circle or a row or multiple rows. Read the question once and immediately start drawing the required figure. Don’t waste your time in reading the entire puzzle. Instead, start drawing a figure as per the data given which will help you interpret the question easily.

Puzzles are easy to solve. All you need is the right approach to solve them! All the best!

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