IBPS PO PRELIMS 2017 : KEY POINTS FOR UPCOMING SLOTS (14th and 15th October) – Exam pattern changes


IBPS PO PRELIMS 2017 : KEY POINTS FOR UPCOMING SLOTS (14th and 15th October) – Learn what new question types were introduced

This year, the IBPS PO prelims was held on the previous weekend. There were some surprise elements in the paper and we are here to tell you what they were.

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The paper was difficult and new types of questions were added in the format.

Basically, everything remains the same: the concept and how you prepare for the exam. The only difference is that some new types of questions were added, mainly in the English language section.


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You can find a brief analysis of the paper below:

Section Difficulty
English Language Difficult
Quantitative Aptitude Moderate
Logical Reasoning Moderate To Difficult


Changes in English Language Section:

1) The format of the options for ‘odd sentence out’ questions was changed. This made many candidates spend extra time on these questions as they were not familar with these. Here is an example to help you understand better:

A) And act judiciously to bring the economy back on track.

(B) The start-up ecosystem cannot progress in a disturbed business cycle.

(C) The economy appears to be in a shambles.

(D) Leaders in the government are failing to recognise the pessimism.

(E) And despite the gloomy forecasts for the future,

2) Phrase replacement questions were included in the paper. A part of the sentence was marked in bold and you have to find a better phrase to replace that part from the options provided. Here is an example:

Q. Every Open House we held since 2013 reaffirmed our belief that there is a need for human intervention to retain its trust and credibility over the age of anonymous communication.

(I)to retain trust and credibility in this age of
(II)to retaining trust and credibility ageing
(III)for retention of trust and credible age of

(a) Only (I) is correct
(b) Only (III) is correct
(c) Both (I) and (II) are correct
(d) Both (II) and (III) are correct
(e) No correction required

3) If your grammar is good, changes made in the error spotting section shouldn’t affect you much. During previous years, candidates were asked to find the part of the sentence that had an error. This year, candidates had to select the combination of sentences that did not have an error.


Key Points To Remember:

1) There were changes in patterns across the different slots, which didn’t use to happen previously.

2) You are advised to expect changes in sections and questions asked.

3) For one slot, questions from a particular topic were not asked but that didn’t mean that it won’t be asked in the next slots. As an example, syllogism questions were asked in one slot while it was replaced with coding-decoding questions in the next.

4) What you can observe from these changes is that you should prepare well for every topic. By expecting anything and everything, you wouldn’t be surprised even when new patterns and types of questions are asked.

5) You’d do better by keeping some time aside to dedicate to the possible surprise elements of the paper.

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