IBPS PO Online Video Tutorial- Download Reading Comprehension Tips & Tricks

IBPS PO Online Video Tutorial- Learn with IBPS PO Online Video Tutorial with tips and tricks to solve Reading Comprehension questions

IBPS PO Online Video Tutorial

IBPS PO Online Video Tutorial- IBPS PO is among one of the most versatile exams in banking domain. In IBPS PO English language section, there are 30 questions in total out of which at least 10 questions are expected to be RCs. If you score well in all the 10C questions, nothing can stop you from clearing the IBPS PO cut- off. We bring you IBPS PO Online Video Tutorial for Reading Comprehension tips and tricks– an easy way to learn how to solve RC questions in IBPS PO.

Reading Comprehensions are generally easy to answer. On the contrary, technical terms, technical jargons and difficult words make it tough to understand. You need to have a transparent idea of banking industry, as there are high chances of you facing RCs based on banking and economics. We have received queries/ concerns from multiple students who face problems in answering RC questions. Inspite of practising questions from IBPS PO mock test and question papers, reading comprehension is a still a nightmare for many. We are here to solve all your concerns!

So, let us change our path from the conventional ones! Let us now learn with an IBPS PO Online Video Tutorial- a FREE video lecture for IBPS PO.

IBPS PO Online Video Tutorial- Benefits

  • They can learn anytime and anywhere
  • Easy to understand and easy to learn
  • Visual tools and explanations for better understanding

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IBPS PO Online Video Tutorial- Tips and Strategies for Reading Comprehension Questions

Now, it’s time to go through some tips and tricks to solve reading comprehension questions in IBPS PO-

  • If you wish to surpass sectional cut-off in English without breaking a sweat, do attempt all the RC questions and your work is done.
  • If you have less time in your hand but the number of RC questions which are still not attempted are more, do this-
    1. Pick up the ones with less number of words
    2. Pick up the ones which is a topic of your understanding
    3. Identify the tone of the author: formal or informal and you can accordingly relate to yourself.
  • When you are done selecting the ones you are ready to solve, skim through the passage quickly.
  • After this, read the question in detail. Since you already had a quick glance, it becomes easier on your part to identify answers from the passage.
  • In order to answer RC vocabulary questions, read the complete answer and choose a perfect fit among the options given. You can also think of a perfect fit and then match your answer with the options given. The nearest assumption is your answer.
  • Please note that the questions and info in the passage are interlinked which means that there are high chances you get the answer of 1st question in the 1st paragraph itself.
  • In order to understand the gist (main idea) of passage, please read the first and last paragraphs of the RC.
  • Don’t use any information about the topic which is not given in the passage to answer.
  • Enhance your reading speed. It will help you solve RC questions faster.
  • Please make sure you don’t give extreme answers.

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Learn with IBPS PO Online Video Tutorial and let us know about your experience. All the best!



I could find the All India test near replica of the actual exam. It helped me a lot with time management. I would request the team to increase the difficulty more which would be more interesting.

Shaik Mahaboob Subhani IBPS Clerk Pre AIT

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