IBPS PO Exam Day Instructions 2020

The IBPS PO Recruitment is about to commence. Candidates hoping to appear for the exam should know about the IBPS PO Exam day instructions and Dress Code. It is important to abide to the set of instructions laid down by the Institute of Banking personnel selection.

  • Students looking to apply for the exam should go through the important IBPS PO Exam Dates to not miss out on any event.
  • The post of Probationary office in public banks is highly prestigious & sought after. Along with IBPS PO Salary, appointed candidates are also eligible for additional allowances & perks.
  • The IBPS PO Exam Analysis will provide a detailed report of the difficulty level, questions asked in Prelims & Mains exam along with the trending topics.

IBPS PO Exam Day Instructions and Dress Code

The Institute of Banking Personnel selection can be strict when it comes to discipline inside the examination hall. Candidates should follow the exam day instructions and dress code to have a hassle free paper.

IBPS PO Exam Day Instructions

Given below are the important IBPS PO exam day instructions to keep in mind at the center:

Do not take the following items inside the examination hall-

  • Expensive Jewelry (any valuable gem)
  • Wristwatches – As the Prelims & Mains exam are both conducted online, time can be seen on the computer screen.
  • Camera or any such electronic device is strictly prohibited.
  • Gold chains, bracelets, bangles etc.
  • Loose piece of paper.
  • Any magazine or book.
  • Mobile Phones, shades, goggles, hats, caps etc.
  • Calculators.
  • Any food or beverage.

Do Not Carry Stationary

  1. Don not carry any piece of paper or notebook in the Examination hall.
  2. The administration does provide Rough paper during the exam for calculations.
  3. Do not carry big bags, handbags or any backpack inside.
  4. If any candidate carries loose pieces of paper then he/she can be asked to leave the exam.

Do Not Carry Electronic Gadgets.

  • IBPS PO Exam Day Instructions strictly prohibits any electronic gadget inside the exam center.
  • Any mobile phones, Bluetooth devices, headphones, scanner, camera, storage devices of any kind shouldn’t be taken inside.
  • Smartwatches or any basic watch is not permitted.
  • You can view the time on your monitor screens and a clock will be available inside the exam room.

Do Not Carry these Ornaments

  • Expensive jewelry for example:- Mangal Sutra, earrings, brooch, gold/diamond rings.
  • Pendants & lockets.
  • Any and all kinds of jewelry should be avoided altogether.
  • Candidates will be responsible for any loss of their belonging.

 IBPS PO Dress Code for the Exam

Please follow these important points while getting ready for the Bank PO exam. Along with following the exam day instructions, candidates are also requested to take the dress code seriously. IBPS is strict with its regulations, it is best to avoid any kind of trouble during the examination.

What should the candidates wear inside the exam hall?

  • Candidates should avoid wearing full sleeves clothes.
  • Clothes with big buttons should also not be worn.
  • Wear light-colored and simple clothes on the exam day.
  • Wear open footwear like slippers, sandals instead of bulky shoes.
  • Female applicants should not wear heavy traditional dresses. It is advisable to wear shirts/tee-shirts Or jeans/leggings.
  • Anyone at the exam center not following the Exam Day Instructions and Dress Code can face negative consequence.
  • It is advisable to wear only simple shirt/tee shirt and jeans for both males and females candidates.
  • Female candidates should not have their hair open, they are advised to tie the hair neatly.
  • Male candidates should not wear suits, bracelets or cuff-links.

What happens if  IBPS PO Exam Day Instructions are not followed?

There is no limit to number of attempts in giving the IBPS PO Exam. Even if you feel the exam is not going your way, remember there is always next time. IBPS conducts the Bank PO exam every year.

  1. Any person found guilty of misconduct may not be allowed to continue with the exam.
  2. Legal/criminal proceedings can be initiated against any candidate who is caught doing any malpractice or takes part in any form of cheating.
  3. Follow these guidelines & you will be able to give the exam with complete focus.

Important Documents to carry at the IBPS PO Exam Center

  1. Carry printouts of the IBPS PO Admit card.
  2. Original and photocopy of valid government id – Aadhar card/Voter’s Id card/Passport/driving license
  3. Colored photograph as uploaded on the Online Application form.

*All candidates should follow the IBPS PO Exam Day Instructions and Dress Code to avoid any inconvenience and give the paper with complete focus.

IBPS PO Exam Day Instructions Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q- Can the IBPS PO Exam Center be changed after I submitted the Application Form?

A- No, once the application form is submitted no changes can be made. Make sure to fill the application form with extreme care.

Q- Is the IBPS PO Exam held every year?

A- Yes, IBPS conducts the Bank PO exam once every year.

Q- Do I need a different Hall Ticket for Prelims & Mains? 

A- Yes, IBPS releases different Hall Ticket for both Prelims & Mains. Candidates appearing for the Mains Examination will need to download their IBPS PO Mains Admit Card before the exam.

Q-Will I be allotted the same exam center I put in the IBPS Application Form ?

A- The IBPS Exam Center is allotted on the basis of the candidate’s input in the application form however IBPS reserves the right to allot exam center according to their administrative resources.


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