IBPS Clerk Vs IBPS PO- A comparison for the better career option


IBPS Clerk Vs IBPS PO- Job comparision of IBPS Clerk and IBPS PO in terms of work nature, in hand & gross salary, career growth, etc.


IBPS Clerk Vs IBPS PO- Choosing a good and career is one of the most crucial decisions for every student. If you are looking for a good career option, you will definitely look for an option with good growth, healthy work culture, decent pay and a good growth. But when you have options like IBPS PO and IBPC Clerk on the field, you will definitely get confused of which one to choose. Because both of them are among the most lucrative job options. So, on this note, let us help you make a right and fair decision with IBPS Clerk vs IBPS PO – a comparison between two most popular job options which will help you to come up with a justified decision.

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Let us brief up some of the important aspects to help you know which option is better-

Factors IBPS PO IBPS Clerk
Salary and Perks Higher Lower
Responsibilities Higher Lower
Promotions Higher Lower
Transfers High chances Less Chances

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Let us now go through all the factors one-by-one in detail to figure out which is the best option-

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IBPS PO Vs IBPS Clerk Roles and Responsibilities

The roles and responsibilities are all about the duties involved with the job post. Let us go through the roles and responsibilities of both the job posts-


  • Dealing with the customers
  • Marketing Services
  • Cashier
  • Reporting Reports

IBPS Clerk-

  • Handling deposit
  • Withdrawal cash
  • Payment clearance, Balance Record
  • Receipts collection
  • Ledger maintenance
  • Data entry works, etc.

IBPS PO Vs IBPS Clerk- Salary

Salary is one of the most important factors which every candidate looks out of. A job with a decent pay is what everyone of us seeks for. Let us find out which job option has the better pay scale among two of them-


IBPS PO Basic Pay – 23700

Bank PO Salary after revision will be anywhere between Rs.38,678 to Rs.41,899

Junior Management Grade – Scale I: Officer i.e. PO – Rs 38703/-

Middle Management Grade – Scale II: Manager – Rs 45950/-

Middle Management Grade – Scale III: Senior Manager – Rs. 51490/-

Senior Management Grade – Scale IV: Chief Manager – Rs. 59170/-

Senior Management Grade Scale V: Assistant General Manager – Rs. 66070/-

IBPS Clerk–

The salary of an IBPS Clerk Salary after revision will be somewhere between Rs.19472.22/- to Rs.19589.87/-

The initial salary is Rs. 7200/- and almost all commercial banks are giving allowances in exactly 2 increments of Rs. 400/-.

In this mean the total basic salary for newly joined clerk is of Rs. 8000/-.

Rs.19472.22/- to Rs.19589.87/-

Post revision, the In Hand Salary will increase from Rs. 21,339 to Rs. 23,117/-.

IBPS PO V/s IBPS Clerk- Career Growth

Growth is another important and unavoidable factor which is extremely important and should be considered.


A PO starts his career as a Junior Management Grade Services (JMGS) and then gets promoted to General Manager, a Director or even the Chairman of the Bank. The growth of IBPS PO is as follows-

Bank PO

Assistant Manager

Branch Manager

Chief Manager





IBPS Clerk–

When a candidate joins any bank in the clerical cadre, you’ll become an assistant manager too. =The time limit for this promotion varies from bank to bank.

In the clerical cadre, work pressure is relaxed and and employees aren’t asked to put in extra hours. But when you consider the growth, it is relatively slow.



Senior Officer

Assistant Manager


Senior Manager

Chief Manager







IBPS Clerk Vs IBPS PO- Transfers

In case of IBPS PO, there are more chances of transfers as compared to IBPS Clerk. In case of IBPS Clerk, the number of transfers are less.

IBPS PO V/s IBPS Clerk- Structure


Th initial level of an IBPS PO job profile is Probationary Officer (PO). So, you will be have a probation period which will range to from approx. 1 to 2 years which will be called as your training period. During thisIn which Candidates learn basic and essential duties of a PO in the bank.

After completing your training period, next higher level of Middle Management Grade Scale II.

IBPS Clerk–

After a candidate gets selected in the post of IBPS Clerk candidates will undergo a training period. Gradually, you will be eligible for a promotional exam and when you clear this exam, you will become a Trainee Officer(TO).

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We hope the above article on IBPS Clerk Vs IBPS PO gives you the correct enlightenment to make a wise decision. All the best!


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