IBPS Clerk English Language Preparation Tips 2020

IBPS Clerk English Language Preparation Tips

One of the most sought for exam on the national level. Lakhs of students applying for the exam look for IBPS Clerk English Language Preparation Tips. Read here and learn tips, tricks, and strategies for IBPS Clerk Prelims 2020 with special reference to English Language.

IBPS Clerk English Language Preparation Tips

Institute of Banking Personnel had released the IBPS Clerk official recruitment notification.  With a huge vacancy of 7252 posts, the number of applicants are also big. Therefore, you should be ready with the syllabus completely and make sure you clear the prelims. First of all, students should know the IBPS Clerk syllabus properly to prepare efficiently. The IBPS Clerk prelims exam is scheduled to be held in 8th, 9th, 15th, 16th December. Now that the exam is almost round the corner, have a quick glance through your English Preparation with these tips. We are here to give you ample confidence to cross the cut off effortlessly.

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IBPS Clerk English Language Preparation Tips – IBPS Clerk English Language is a mark-fetching section. But interestingly, many students don’t have confidence regarding English section. Therefore, we bring you this post on “IBPS Clerk English Language Preparation Tips” to give your best in IBPS clerk English Language section.

Take a look at the IBPS Clerk Syllabus

IBPS Clerk English Language Preparation Tips – Important Sections

IBPS Clerk Exam 2020 comes with a new format. Candidates shall be getting 20 minutes to complete the English section. The English language Section of the IBPS Clerk Prelims exam can be broadly divided into four parts.

1. Reading Comprehension

Reading comprehension or RC is one of the most important topics of the English Language test. It is very time consuming as you have to read the entire passage which is of typically 400-450 words or even more. Generally 5 questions per passage are being asked in the section and you can expect 2-3 RCs in the English test. So you can imagine how difficult the section can be. But it is equally scoring too. If you read the passage fast and well, you can score high in such exams. There is a trick of reading the passage. Read the questions given along with the passage and then the passage. Keep marking what ever you find relevant and by this you can answer the questions much easily.

2. Grammar

Grammar is something you should be very good at to pass the overall English test. But section-wise, the grammar section will include topic like, sentence re-arrangement, idioms & phrases, error spotting & sentence correction. For the grammar section, refer to books like Wren & Martin. Keep practicing more and more from previous years papers and also attempt IBPS Clerk Quiz for better practice.

3. Vocabulary

Vocabulary is also an important part. In this section, questions might be asked in passage form from topics such as error spotting, phrase replacement, cloze test. You may expect 5-10 questions from a passage. Apart from that fill in the blanks and double blanks questions may also be asked. Newspapers and books are the best ways to increase vocabulary.

4. Verbal Ability

Verbal Ability is a little tricky section. But even in this section you will need a very good command over English language. You might expect questions from Para jumbles which range from 0-5 question.

Topic Wise Questions Weightage and Designed Pattern

They will ask you a total number of 30 questions. The candidate’s skill for Basic English is tested in this section as the questions cover topics like spot the errors, fill in the blanks, etc.

Please find the important topics below.

Prelims Topics Expected No. of Qs
Reading Comprehension 10
Spot the errors 5
Fill in the banks 5
Para jumbles 5
Sentence correction 5
Cloze test 5

Check out the IBPS Clerk Study Plan 2018 for Prelims Exam by clicking on the link below:

IBPS Clerk Study Plan

General IBPS Clerk English Language Preparation Tips

Let us go through a few IBPS Clerk English Language Preparation Tips now.

  • First of all, go through a standard book. This will strengthen your basic skills of English Language. And be thorough with the basic concepts.
  • As a daily measure, read newspapers. This will help you improve your grammar and vocabulary. And it is the easiest and most fun way!
  • Try to learn new words and use them in your day-to-day life.
  • Furthermore, we recommend you start off with ‘fill in the blanks’, ‘sentence correction’, and ‘cloze test’ questions.
  • It is advisable to skim through the reading comprehension questions rather than reading the entire passage. When you get a rough idea of what is it about, you can easily answer the questions.
  • If you are confused between 2 – 3 options in the cloze test, then move on to the next question.
  • To answer ‘fill in the blanks’ questions, use the elimination method to solve. But only if you don’t know the answer at one go.
  • To answer ‘spot the error’ or ‘sentence correction’ questions, try reading aloud the sentence. This will help you listen to the sentence structure and therefore help you decide better.
  • Finally, practice as many IBPS Clerk practice set as you can. This will help you analyze your performance and know your weak points. Focus more on these areas and your scores will improve gradually.

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