IB Updates for ACIO 2017 – Details of Incorrect Questions Asked and Official Notice

IB Updates for ACIO 2017

IB Updates for ACIO 2017- Get all latest updates of IB ACIO 2017 along with details of incorrect questions and criteria of evaluation

IB Updates for ACIO 2017

IB Updates for ACIO 2017- The prestigious Intelligence Bureau of India (IB) has conducted the IB ACIO 2017 exam for recruitment of candidates in post of Grade II – Assistant Central Intelligence Officer. The recruitment will be held to fill in 1430 number of vacancies and the competition will be extremely tough. The IB ACIO exam had taken place on 15th October 2017 across various exam centres in the country. But, the exam wasn’t a smooth going one because of certain discrepancies observed in the paper. As per sources and the IB Official Website itself, four questions had incorrect options in them and those questions will not be evaluated. The four questions are Question no. 2, 24, 25 & 78 and those questions won’t be included in the evaluation scheme.

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The IB ACIO 2017 recruitment exam notice regarding the above also mentioned that the paper will be evaluated based on the candidates’ performance in the remaining questions.

Click here to view official notice regarding the same

IB Updates for ACIO 2017- Questions which were incorrect

In this section of IB ACIO Updates 2017, let us now take a look at the questions which had wrong options and other details about them-

IB ACIO 2017 Update- Question Number 2 from Quantitative Aptitude Section-




The correct answer for this question is 22,000 which is not a part of the options given.

IB Update for ACIO 2017- Question Number 24 from Quantitative Aptitude Section-

The options provided in this question were incorrect as the correct answer is 29. 17 days.

IB ACIO 2017 Updates- Question Number 25 from Quantitative Aptitude Section-

None of the options in this question include the correct answer which is 48, 800.

IB ACIO 2017 Latest Updates- Question Number 78 from English Section-

In this question, the options need to have pairs. But, option C doesn’t have a pair. Hence, the options provided are incorrect.

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As per the official notice of IB, the papers will be evaluated out of 96 marks and those four questions stated above will not be a part of the evaluation process. You can go through the official notice of IB regarding this in the link given in this post.

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Hope this article on IB Updates for ACIO 2017 – Incorrect questions and related details helps. We will be back with some more fresh content on IB ACIO 2017.

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