IB Security Assistant Preparation Tips for Tier I 2018 | Best Tips and Tricks

IB Security Assistant Preparation Tips

Learn Important Tips and Tricks needed to clear IB Security Assistant Tier I Examination – IB Security Assistant Preparation Tips 2018

IB Security Assistant Preparation Tips 2018

Dear Aspirants,

As the registration for IB Security Assistant is already over and candidates have already started their preparation for the Tier-I exam. Any job in the intelligence bureau will have a great level of competition and one must put consist efforts in order to melt the ice. Well, to make things more clear for you, We have brought for IB Security Assistant Preparation Tips 2018 to help you prepare well to gain a competitive edge.

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IB Security Assistant Preparation Tips:

Know the exam:

The very first step while preparing for any competitive examination is to know the Exam pattern and Syllabus. IB exam for the post of Security Assistant will consist of 3 Tiers. Tier I will be Objective type test consisting of 4 subjects. Altogether the objective test will last for 2 hours for 200 marks. The Tier II exam will be a descriptive test where a translation of 500 words passage needs to be done. Tier III exam will consist of Interview/ Personality test. Your Spoken ability will also be assessed during the Interview.

Know the Syllabus:

Knowing the syllabus is half job done. Understand what needs to be studied and what not. Start with Tier I exam and collect study materials according to the syllabus of the Objective test (Tier I). Once you will have a clear idea of the complete syllabus, your preparation will start moving smoothly. Knowledge of syllabus will push you to understand what is easy or difficult for you and you can prepare accordingly.

Prepare a Study Plan:

Prepare a study plan for yourself as per your convenience and limitation of time. Well, everyone knows their caliber and if you do, find a plan which can accommodate all your study needs. Set a target and prepare the plan accordingly. Planned targets are always easy to follow once you are ready to commit to it.

Set Preparation Goals:

Setting goals will push you to work harder in order to achieve the set target. Set a long-term goal which can accommodate the whole syllabus and break it into many short-term goals. Further, you can break your short-term goals into daily goals. This division of set target keeps you chasing your long-term goal in a subtle, simple and smaller way.

Do Regular Revision:

Revise what you study and practice it on a regular basis to avoid forgetting the topic what you learned the other day. Do not leave any topic thinking its easy or too difficult. Always remember that anything and everything in the syllabus is equally important.

Most Importantly, Be confident and you can achieve what you want to achieve. Well, If you follow these basic tips to prepare well for IB Security Assistant exam, you can definitely melt the ice.

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