IB ACIO Job Profile & Salary as per 7th Pay Commission

IB ACIO Job Profile

IB ACIO Job Profile – Check here Intelligence bureau Assistant Central Intelligence Officer Salary as per 7th Pay commission.

IB ACIO Job Profile & Salary after 7th Pay Commission

IB ACIO Job Profile & Salary after 7th Pay Commission- The Intelligence Bureau (Ministry of Home Affairs) has invited applications from Indian Nationals for direct recruitment to the post of Assistant Central Intelligence Officer (Grade II/ Executive) i.e. ACIO-II (Exe). The online application process started from 12th August, 2017 and the last date for applying is 2nd September, 2017. Candidates applying for the posts should know the nature of the job, work timing, salary etc. Let us take a look at all the details regarding IB ACIO job.

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IB Assistant Central Intelligence Officer Job Profile:

The Intelligence Bureau (IB) is India’s internal intelligence agency for security purposes, under the Ministry of Home Affairs. It works both at the State and National level.

Activities Details
Job Responsibilities
At National level, the majority of the work of the intelligence agency is carried out by `Grade II’ employees of the IB and if you are an ACIO, you will be in that grade. The class I officers mostly maintain coordination and participate in higher level management of the IB.
At the state level, you will be a part of the State Special Bureau and will be reporting to a Central Intelligence Officer (the intelligence advisor to the Governor).
Intelligence Bureau maintains a large no. of field units and headquarters (under the control of Joint or Deputy Directors). It is through these offices and the intricate process of the deputation that a very `organic’ linkage between the state police agencies and the IB is maintained.
Apart from these branches at the national level, the IB has several units (known as Subsidiary Intelligence Bureaus) to keep track of issues like terrorism, counter-intelligence, VIP security and threat assessment and issues related to sensitive areas of the country (i.e. J&K, North East Region (NER) etc.)
Once you get recruited for these posts, you will have to work under every department. This provides excellent opportunity for enhancing your skills. Even candidates with technical background are given field assignment.
Work timing As a Junior Officer in Intelligence Bureau, you will have a normal work schedule. There will be no extra working hours and work shifts. You will be going to work in the morning and returning in the evening.
Career path Starting as an Assistant in Intelligence Bureau, you will have the following expected career path:

·      Section Officers( in 7-8 years)

·      Under Secretary

·      Deputy Secretary

·      Director

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IB Assistant Central Intelligence Officer Jobs and Responsibilities:

Once a candidate is recruited as a Junior Officer in IB, he/ she are provided training for better enhancing their skills.


Initially, the candidates are given physical training with a routine that involves a lot of running and exercising. This is mainly carried out to make the candidates physically fit and healthy. The time period for training is 2 months. The second phase of the training period is mostly theoretical where seniors deliver lectures in classes to prepare the recruits psychologically. This period is also held for time duration of 2 months.

Job Posting

After the training period is over, the recruits are assigned some tasks where they get to know themselves better, as they get to work in an environment, where they are made to face very tough circumstances. This prepares the recruits for the worst-case scenario. Every officer is then posted to a particular District/ State/ UT and sent to that particular place on a random basis. Some may get placed in Border areas, some in the Mainland while others might be posted to cities, towns or villages.

On the job training

There is one or the other issue in every place like terrorism, security issues, naxalism, narcotics, goons, etc. Every recruit is expected to create his/her work profile of the place he/she is allotted by scanning any ongoing or other possible threats that can prove to be harmful for that particular place and accordingly work on them. Each recruit will be working under a mentor who will be guiding them thoroughly on how to work under such circumstances.

Spontaneity and Risk Handling

Working as an IB officer will not be an easy task as there will always be a risk factor wherever the recruit may go. They need to very smart and wise and good at handling situations which demand spontaneous action or it may endanger their lives. The recruits need to have excellent social skills and must be alert at all times of the operation. They must be quick thinking to manage or overcome situations that can be hazardous to the society or themselves.

IB Assistant Central Intelligence Officer Salary structure:

Calculations Amount
Pay Scale 9,300-34,800
Grade Pay 4200
Basic Pay 13500
CPC Fitment Factor 35370
HRA 4050
Transport Allowances 3200
Gross Pay 42620
EPF 1350
CGHS 500
Total Deductions 1890
Net Salary (approx.) 40730

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