Know IAS Time Management Tips And Techniques

IAS Time Management Tips

Learn IAS Time Management Tips and Techniques to plan your studies accordingly for an effective result – IAS Time Management Tips

IAS Time Management Tips

Dear Aspirants,

AS UPSC Civil services examination 2019 is approaching its conduct, candidates are looking to plan their time well in order to get the best result. Planning is very important and its execution is essential to find what you are looking for. A lot of times our planning fails to executive and the most common reason it fails is due to improper management of time. Although we have limited time to complete any job, we must mold our schedule accordingly to get the optimum result. While there are many, I would like to point out a few IAS time management tips and techniques to make your preparation for Civil Services efficient as well as decisive;

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IAS Time Management Tips:

⇒Set a long-term Goal

The very first and the most important step to start your preparation is setting up a long-term Goal. Make a realistic goal but try to challenge your potential by setting your goal a little more than you think you can. Although IAS exam is a marathon and you need to study a lot but more than that it’s a process which demands a rigorous execution of plans. Plan the amount of time you want to spend on each subject to finish the entire syllabus on time. Setting a long-term goal will keep pushing you to work harder for your goal.

⇒Set a Short-term / Weekly Goal

After you have a long-term goal to work towards, break it into short-term goals. It breaks the burden equally into many short-term goals to simplify the total effort you need to put. Plan a subject wise study schedule for a week and follow it with conscious effort. As you on achieving these short-term goals, your sole objective of achieving the long-term goal will be fulfilled eventually.

⇒Daily Goals

Plan what you are going to study or amount of syllabus you are going to cover in a day and work towards it. Well, to do this, You need to break your Weekly/ Short-term goal in smaller segments and this will further simplify your job and it will create a habit of regularly scheduled study.


Apart from devoting time to prepare or study a particular topic, you also need to plan a proper revision on regular basis. Studying without revision is like eating food without even chewing it. So, plan daily revision time for each subject and repeat it until you reach perfection.

⇒Relaxation Time

Relaxation time is as important as studying time. Take regular planned breaks and give yourself some time to relax and think something beyond the exam. Spend time with your family, talk different things with your friends, play games but do something to distract yourself from your study schedule and it will always keep you fresh after relaxation and the productivity will increase immensely.

Most importantly, remain happy and playful to be more efficient in your preparation.


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Hope this article on IAS time management tips and techniques will help you plan your time more effectively. If you have any query or suggestion, Do write us in the comments below.


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