IAS Preparation Tips | A complete guide to crack UPSC CSAT 2019

upsc ias preparation tips

Preparing for UPSC IAS is one of the most tedious and effort-taking task. One should be very sharp at planning and have a good time management strategy to prepare for IAS Exam. If you are looking for UPSC IAS preparation tips, then here is a complete guide for you.

IAS Preparation tips – A Complete Guidance

Union Public Service Commission conducts the recruitment exam for Indian Administrative Services every year. IAS exam 2019 is on the way and there are aspirants who are still biting nails on how to begin the preparation. IAS exam is considered as one of the toughest exam and hence needs a lot of planning. So, we have come up with a complete guidance on how to prepare for IAS exam. Now, lets start with the Step by step IAS Preparation Guide.

Free UPSC IAS Mock Tests

How to Start preparing for IAS?

As we all know, IAS exam is conducted on in 3 phases:

  1. Prelims Round (CSAT)
  2. Mains Round
  3. Interview

So, all those who are willing to apply for IAS exam 2019, must get themselves going with Prelims syllabus. The first step is to be thorough with the IAS Prelims Exam Pattern. You can read through the following article to get the comprehensive idea of the exam pattern and Syllabus.

UPSC Syllabus and Exam Pattern 2019

IAS Exam Strategy for Prelims

UPSC IAS exam preparation needs a good planning. And the most important part is you have to dedicate yourself to the plan completely. The following are some steps given that will be the best working tips for UPSC Exam Guidance.

  1. Prepare fixed timetable:

    The topics included in the prelims exam cover a wide range of topics. Hence you need to prepare a time allocated schedule to prepare every section. More importantly, UPSC exams are not prepared in one day. So, you have to be precise and dedicated to your routine.

  2. Collect Study Materials:

    The next step is collecting study materials. The best books to start IAS preparations are the NCERT Books. You can build a strong base of the foundation chapters with these books. You can cover Basic history, geography, civics , science etc can be prepared from the school level books. Apart from these, you can get hold of some Reference books for IAS exam. These include the Manorama Year Book, Oxford student’s Atlas and also collect some IAS Solved papers of previous years.

  3.  Make Reading Newspaper a habit:

    This is very essential for IAS preparation. Especially this is one of the most important IAS preparation tips for beginners. Daily newspaper is the a mine of current affairs and vocabulary, where, both current affairs and English are levied upon topics for the exam. Hence, make it a rule to read the daily newspaper and collect all new words and important events from it.

  4. Take notes while reading:

    Noting down what you read makes your concept clear and also helps you remember. Writing down a note develops a good writing flow and at the same time prepares a revision material for you. So that, just before the exam, you can just go through your own written notes and recollect the chapter much easily.

  5. Revise with Mock Tests and Quizzes:

    With such a huge syllabus to cover, you can never forget to revise. Every week you must allot a specific span to revise all that you have read throughout the week. The best way to revise is: Once go through your notes, then try to solve out previous years question papers. The best way is to attempt some IAS Mock Test and Daily quizzes. Focus on the topics where you lag, and try to cover them up.

  6. Keep yourself Focused with patience:

    It is normal that at times you feel like giving up. But hold on to yourself and keep going. Always remember, today’s hard work shall pay you the best tomorrow. If you are strong at will, none can stop you from achieving a dignified position as an IAS officer of the country. Take small breaks and do not over stress yourself.

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We hope you could guide you with some useful UPSC IAS Preparation Tips for the 2019 IAS Exam. If you feel it was effective, do comment on the section below. We will be happy to help you again.

Happy Learning!!


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