How to Write a Good Essay for SSC Exams – CGL, MTS, CPO & CHSL

How to write a good essay for ssc exams? Step By Step instruction!

Step by step guide to write an effective Essay – How to write a good essay for ssc exams?

How to write a good essay for ssc exams?

Dear Aspirants,

A Good essay is an effective composition of introduction, Body and conclusion. Many aspirants who are preparing for SSC exams are wanting to know the tricks and tips to prepare an effective essay. The most basic element of any essay is it’s subject. Understand the subject clearly and point all the important highlights before you start writing.

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How to write a good essay for ssc exams?

SSC exams will have a descriptive test in order to qualify the examination. Essay is the most important part of descriptive paper. Well, writing Essay can be a very complicated task if the right plan/Strategy is not taken care of. We at Toprankers are always committed to be a part of your success and so do we bring for you the steps you need to follow in order to write an effective essay;

  • Plan you Essay.
  • List Key-points.
  • Write short Paragraphs.
  • Avoid making long sentences.
  • Avoid grammatical errors.

Watch out the video to know how to write a effective Letter:

Introducing a Essay – (Short, Crisp & Direct)

Always start your essay with an introduction which is short in length. The idea of introduction is to give a crisp view of the topic which can clearly be understood by the reader/examiner. Intention of the essay should be to convey a direct message regarding the topic. Keep your introduction very simple and the words used should be well versed to support your introduction.

Body of Essay – (Discuss possibilities, Elaborative view & examples)

The Body of any essay is meant to define the topic with an elaborative approach but avoid anything that do not support the intended subject. Give 1 or 2 examples to plant your view about the subject. Body of the essay is not suppose to be long rather it just need to be a viewpoint explaining the topic/subject clearly. Explain your viewpoint in simple words and avoid using complex words.

Concluding an Essay – (Impulsive & Subject reminder)

Write impulsive sentences in order to give your essay an extra weight. Conclusion is meant to relive the whole content with some uniquely framed highlight reminder about the topic. It should always turn out to be as effective as the Introduction.

Well, the trick to write any good essay is the perfect amalgamation of its basic elements; Introduction, Body & Conclusion. Try to emulate the above instructions for writing a beautiful Essay which can create an impulsive viewpoint about the topic/subject and that’s the key to score good marks in SSC Descriptive paper.


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