When and How to Take Mock Tests – Best Way to get the Most from Practice Tests

How to Take Mock Tests

Have you ever wondered When and How to Take Mock Tests to get the maximum benefits? To answer that question alone, we have penned this article.

When and How to Take Mock Tests

Are you preparing for SSC? Or maybe some bank or railway exam? If your answer is yes, we are sure that many – if not everyone – must have advised you to take those famous Mock Tests – ours, hopefully. (Maybe, you were thinking about the corruption in exam systems instead of this? Afterall, the internet seems alive with this, solely, nowadays. Well, we will cover that but some other time. For now, let’s stick to this.) It is, definitely, good to take Mock Tests if you want to enhance your preparation. Nonetheless, do you know when’s the best time to attempt these? Scroll down to find the answer.

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When To Take Mock Tests & Reap the Maximum Profit

There are two particular times when you can gain maximum benefits by taking Mock Tests. Let us have a look at them one by one.

Before the Sun Rises

No, we don’t mean to say that you should wake up before the Sun rises and attempt them. What we mean is that – you must start by attempting a Full-Length Mock Test before you start preparing for the exam. This will help you to know your current skills, strengths as well as weaknesses. It is obvious that if your score is low, you need to work really hard and long to clear the exam. And if your score is high, you just need to brush up on your speed and accuracy at solving problems.

After the Sun Sets

This time, you surely got it, if you didn’t the previous time. Right?

When you have studied and practised for months… And you’re finally done with all the topics – preferably, a month or two before the exam date… This is the time that you should consider purchasing a test package having at least 20 to 30 Mock Tests. You should attempt Full-Length Mock Tests on a daily basis. And later, analyse your performance – by marking the questions you couldn’t attempt, the ones you attempted incorrectly, and the ones you marked correctly. This way, you will learn your strong and weak points.

You need to improve your concepts of those questions you couldn’t attempt. And you need to practice more questions of the ones you attempted incorrectly.

What to do during the daylight hours

Though it’s advisable not to take Mock Tests while you are clearing your concepts and practising problems, you should attempt Topic Tests after the completion of each topic. It’s a way of brushing up on whatever you have learnt and to apply the concepts to solve problems.

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