How to stay calm before exam: Check Important Tips to Stay Calm Before Exam

How to stay calm before exam- Check important tips and strategies to keep yourself calm before and during an exam

How to Stay Calm Before Exam

How to stay calm before exam – An exam is a great fear for many of us, like a monster it seems scary till it is finally done. Stress, anxiety and getting nervous is a normal behavior before any exam. This article is all about coping up with the stress monster which usually comes before any exam.

Stress before any exam is completely normal, sometimes a bit of adrenaline can be considered as a good thing. However, too much stress will hinder your performance and your results could suffer.

There are many points which a should be kept in mind to lower down the stress level before any exam. There are various factors which generally causes the anxiety and stress, but the top factor amongst all the other factors is exam phobia which comes out of nowhere into your mind and sticks to it.

There are many ways with which we can tackle those stressful situations before an exam and be calm and quiet. In this article, we have shared many beneficial tips to stay calm before an exam.

What are you afraid of?

First, try starting from scratch and figure out of what are you afraid of. Perhaps you have misunderstood something or are in a chaos regarding the fear of exam and success.

The key to staying calm in an exam is to keep your fear in perspective. An exam can be a threat to our self-esteem. What if we don’t do well? What if I fail? How will we feel about ourselves? What will the society say?

These worries are not helpful in terms of our ability to focus on the exam ahead, so we must keep them in perspective and limited. Those people who ‘take exams in their stride’ are the ones who appear not to care, whether they actually do or not; we can learn from their thoughts and behavior.

You can just be positive saying that “I can” and things will start working in your favor.

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Here are some points to smartly tackle the stress and anxiety before any exam:

  • Take slow, deep breaths and imagine that you are breathing in warm, calming air, and breathing out self-doubt.
  • Keep talking to yourself and motivating yourself
  • Start making small sticky notes to remind you that you are confident and are not under any stress. If required paste those sticky notes on the walls of your room.
  • Keep reading motivational blogs and write-ups
  • Repeat these phrases to yourself as often as necessary, until you feel calm:

“I have done my best, even if I feel I could have revised more, feeling this way is normal”

“I will be okay, whatever happens, this exam will not be the only defining point in my life, I can only do my best and accept the result”

“I am no worse, or better, than anyone else, whatever my/or their ability is, I do not need to be defined simply by how I successful I am in an exam, there is more to me than that”.

“I will do well, I can do this, I can remain calm and confident”.

These phrases will keep motivating you until the exam date.

After reading the above points, you must be curious to know how to reduce stress when it reaches its saturation level. Just Relax! We have many more tips to share with you


Normal stress will boost your work, think faster and more effectively, and improve your performance. If you find your anxiety overwhelming, your performance could be badly affected. awareness of what causes your anxiety will help to reduce the stress. Then you can manage it better and do yourself justice. Most of us suffer from anxiety around exam time. It’s normal. The anxiety can cause:

  • Patchy sleep and sleepless nights
  • Irritability or short temper
  • Stomach butterflies
  • Poor appetite or comfort eating snacking

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1. Normal anxiety

You are generally anxious before exams, and the stress increases as the exam approaches, but is actually manageable when you sit down to write your answers:

    • Set aside plenty of time for revision
    • Be active: restructure and condense your notes
    • Plan answer outlines
    • Rehearse questions you might expect in your exams. The Library and/or your Departments will have copies of previous exam papers
    • Seek help and guidance from tutors if you don’t understand something
    • Don’t sit reading for long periods! It gradually becomes boring and your concentration will start to wander

3. Panic during the exam

  • You have just sat down in the exam hall and you feel your panic starting to develop.
  • Make yourself comfortable. Have you been to the toilet? Check that you are not too hot or too cold. Adjust your clothing. Take a few deep breaths and sighs for a while to reduce the stress level. Close your eyes for a while.
  • Think in this way- “My preparation is the best preparation”

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