How to Score Good Marks in CTET exam

How to Score Good Marks in CTET exam

How to score good marks in CTET exam – Complete set of tips, tricks and strategies to help you score good marks in CTET exam

How to Score Good Marks in CTET exam

Central Teachers Eligibility Test (CTET) is a test conducted by Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) twice a year, usually in the months of February and September for aspirants who like to become teachers. Every year lakhs of students appear in the exam, aiming for a career in teaching in government schools. The CTET examination is introduced to produce quality teachers in Government Schools to enhance their educational standards.

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There are two CTET test papers in the exam, Paper-I and Paper-II.

  • Paper-I is for candidates who want to be a teacher for Classes I-V

  • Paper-II is for candidates who want to be a teacher for Classes VI to VIII.

In this post, we will provide you the tips to crack CTET with a first class score:

How to score good marks in CTET exam – Elaborate Tips, Tricks and Strategies

Understand the Exam Structure

CTET Question Paper consists of 5 sections in total. The exam is for duration of 150 minutes and each question will get you 1 mark. Try and solve the questions that you are sure of first, so that you gain confidence. Candidates should go through the exam pattern and then prepare accordingly. One of the best parts about this exam is that there is no negative marking in this exam, so candidates should attempt all questions even if you are not sure of the answer.


Preparation is the key to success for this exam. Start preparing well in advance so that you can cover all the topics. Get the right study materials and books to help you prepare well. Candidates should go through all the important topics mentioned in the exam syllabus and divide time accordingly for each topic. It is not enough that you just clear the exam. Aim should be to crack the exam with good marks. You may go for self study or join a crash course to crack the exam. Here are some recommended books

  1. Child Development & Pedagogy: Paper 1 & 2 of CTET – By Shalini Punjabi
  2. CTET Success Master Paper I Teacher Selection for Classes 1-V by Arihant
  3. CTET Central Teacher Eligibility Test Success Master Paper – 2 with Solved Papers Maths & Science – By Arihant Experts
  4. CTET Central Teacher Eligibility Test Practice Workbook Mathematics and Science by Disha Experts
  5. CTET Guide Paper II Maths and Science by GK Publication

During your preparation, make notes for each subject like important formulas that will help you before one day of the exam when you want to have a quick look on important topics. Keep revising the topics you have already prepared.


Good way to score good marks is by focusing on Child Development and pedagogy section. They together comprise about 60% of questions. Therefore, if you prepare this section well, and answer the questions with around 80% accuracy, then you will surely get a good score.

Test Strategy

Keep a strategy in mind before the exam. Focus more on your strong areas and ensure that you don’t waste time with the questions you are unsure of.


Practice till the time you achieve perfection. Regular practice will raise your level of speed and accuracy level, which will help to attain a good score. Refer to previous years question papers to get clear picture of what to expect in the exam.

Mock Tests

Try to attempt as many mock tests as possible. The mock tests help in analyzing your strengths and weaknesses. It will also help in estimating the time and effort you spend on each subject. Solve previous years question papers to understand your current level of preparation. There are various online practice platforms that offer free CTET mock test series. You can also approach a CTET Coaching centre to access mock tests.

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Stay Stress-Free

In between your preparations, make sure you get enough sleep and exercise well. Make a habit of take regular short breaks while studying. This will help you stay relaxed. Even if you are tempted to start new things till the last minute, you shouldn’t overload yourself with too much information just before the exam. Last few days, just go through your revision notes, relax and focus on solving the question paper to the best of your ability.

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