How to Read Newspaper Effectively for Competitive Exams?

How to Read Newspaper Effectively for Competitive Exams?

How to Read Newspaper Effectively for Competitive Exams? – Tips and Tricks to effectively read the newspaper

   How to Read Newspaper Effectively for Competitive Exams?

Every literate man loves to read the newspaper. It’s not just literate people, but even illiterate people read the newspaper. Reading newspapers and even regional language newspapers are not just limited to literate classes. The news is an omnipotent medium and newspapers only validate all the news that exists out there. It’s hard to imagine a life without newspapers.

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The Bengal Gazette is the first newspaper in India and was founded in 1780 by James Augustus Hickey. However, the Times of India founded in 1832 is the only newspaper that has continued to give news generation after generation.

Even in the age of News apps, reading newspapers and magazines is still very relevant and it is hard to prepare for Current affairs if you do not read Newspapers. Current affairs is the most scoring section of any competitive exams be it Railways, SSC or Bank exams.

It’s easy to refer to reference books like Manorama Year Book or Lucent General Knowledge. However, If you do not read the newspaper, every effort of preparing for a competitive exam will be futile.

An Indian Newspaper comprises of the following sections:

  • National News
  • Local News
  • Editorial and Op-ed
  • International News
  • Business News
  • Sports

However, one must not read too much local news while preparing for All India level entrance exams as these are not very important from an examination perspective. Landmark local events are to be considered for these exams of those events which are important.

Keep Pen and Notebook Handy: It is necessary to keep a Pen and notebook to note down important points after reading the news.

Look at Reading as an investment for your future: It is necessary to look at reading in a positive way. One must look at reading as an investment for your future. Knowledge is very important at every stage in life.

Improving vocabulary:                

Vocabulary is an important Part of English language. In order to Excel in a language, one must develop a good vocabulary. The meaning of the word Vocabulary literally means “the words of a language”. Vocabulary is also “the stock of words used by or known to a particular people or groups of persons”. (

Reading Hindu Newspaper:                

The Hindu is one of the most respected newspapers in India especially for its use of language. The language of the Hindu is for the purist and those who are well versed in the language of English. The Hindu Newspaper Editorial is meant to inform all readers and let them know about the latest words, idioms, and phrases that will help them in the course of preparation for competitive exams. Vocabulary plays an important role in language. The more your vocabulary, the more the knowledge you have about a particular language.

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For Bank Exam Aspirants: If you are a banking aspirant it is very necessary to read the business news in the national newspaper. If you want to read in-depth about business, finance, and economics it is better to read a business newspaper or Pink paper which gives in-depth news about Business news and banking news.

  • The announcement of various government policies
  • Bills being passed in parliament
  • Appointment of heads of state
  • Government advertisement
  • Sports news both national and international
  • Global Summit and Issues
  • Countries, Capitals and Currencies
  • Economic Issues
  • Obituaries

Reading editorials and op-ed columns will help you to improve your knowledge. However, it is not wise to spend too much time on them as it can only help to improve English.

For Railways Exams: Learn about the history of railways, Railway ministers,

Advantages of Reading Newspaper: How to Read Newspaper Effectively for Competitive Exams?

  1. Learning is a continuous Process: It is necessary to cultivate a reading habit in life as learning is a continuous process. Learning never stops and newspapers are a great companion on this journey of learning.
  2. Improve Language: Improve your language with the help of newspapers.     Reading comprehension and passages need good reading skills.     Newspapers offer you a wonderful platform to prepare for English section in any competitive exam. One can develop language skills    
  3. Learn about National and International Events: While, you can always consume international news online. Newspapers in their print editions always select news carefully in their print editions. International events of prime importance appear in Newspapers. Therefore, do not miss out on reading newspapers.     
  4. Learn about Banking Awareness: If you read the business section of a     newspaper, you can prepare for banking awareness, Rbi, banking,     economics, markets, business trends, etc. If one is preparing for any banking exam, it is must to prepare for banking awareness which will comprise of important events in the banking industry.        
  5. Prepare for interview round: In interview round, one can answer questions asked by the panel if one reads the newspaper regularly. Candidates can skim and scan the newspaper and also read headlines. However, reading important news topics will help them to answer the paper.    
  6. Increase Confidence: Newspapers will improve your overall knowledge and add to your skill set. It will improve your confidence in interviews and group discussion. One can weigh the pros and cons of various events happening in the country. In a sense, it brings a lot of clarity to the reader’s mind.    
  7. Stay updated with current affairs: Newspapers help you stay informed with the latest news. You can also read celebrity news especially to know who won national awards in films or music.    
  8. Static GK: You might also come up with static GK or details that do not change over time, like capitals, places or people.    

Difference between online News and Print edition:

The Difference between the two is that while the internet is filled with activist movements, protest movements, the newspapers, on the contrary, are filled with a lot of learning. One can learn immensely from newspapers. No doubt, online media is a great and free. The newspaper will cost you money. However, it’s still worth the money and the time and the effort that goes into it.

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Some important tips on what to read in a Newspaper:

Avoid Bollywood News, the Personal life of politicians or even sportspersons. It will never help you in competitive exams. You need to carefully choose what to read from a perspective of competitive exams. However, reading the newspaper will help you to learn speed reading. Do not get into debates or political news. You need to focus on factual content and facts.

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