How to Qualify Descriptive Test in Syndicate Bank PO Exam 2018

How to Qualify Descriptive Test in Syndicate Bank PO Exam 2018

Learn Descriptive writing – How to Qualify Descriptive Test in Syndicate Bank PO Exam 2018

How to Qualify Descriptive Test in Syndicate Bank PO Exam 2018

If you are wondering How to Qualify Descriptive Test in Syndicate Bank PO Exam 2018, then you are at the right place. descriptive writing is an important part of Syndicate Bank PO Examination. One needs to put an extra bit of effort to bring perfection in descriptive writing section. For letter writing, there will be a word limit of 150 word whereas for Essay writing, The word limit will be of 250 words.  Writing Descriptive test can be challenging, if proper steps are not followed in its formation.

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In this article, You will learn about the format for both Letter and Essay writing with given examples;

Sample of Letter and Essay Writing and get an idea of the format:

Write a Letter to SHO complaining about theft of bicycle. (Word Limit- 150 words)

105, Cambridge Layout
1st February, 2018

The Station Housing Officer,
Cambridge Layout, Police Station

Sub Reporting the theft of LML Scooter, KA – 15C 7777

Dear Sir,
I have to lodge a report about the theft of my scooter from the main market of Mon Chowk It was about 4:50 pm When I came to the bazaar and parked my scooter outside the building of SBI, Branch Cambridge Layout. I went to buy some household goods I locked it well When I returned after thirty minutes, I found the scooter missing I made enquiries from the nearby shopkeepers and others but I got noclue.

My LML scooter bears the Number KA – 15C 7777. It is light green in colour and quite a new brand. You are requested to trace the missing scooter and restore it to me at your earliest.

Yours Faithfully

Yukti Choudhary

SCIENTISTS VS POLITICIANS – Who have the greatest influence on our lives? (Word Limit – 250 words)

Some people think scientists have the greatest influence on our lives. Others, however, believe that politicians have the greatest influence. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion. In modern society, people’s lives are inevitably involved in both science and politics. The influences that scientists and politicians have on us are sometimes compared by people.
The way that scientists transform our lives is often more visible. Almost everything we use in our lives has close link to science and technology, ranging from the oven used for cooking to the vehicle used for travelling and the computer used for processing information. If it were not for scientists, we would never have discovered and harnessed so many principles of the nature, and we might still live in the primitive age. Politicians affect our lives in a different way, which is less easily to be noticed. They establish budgets to provide public facilities and services, make and enforce laws to maintain equality and justice. They build up armies to defend national security. If it were not for them, the society would be in a mess, and we could not have been living in an organized way.
While I acknowledge that scientists and politicians are both essential to a well-developed society, I tend toward the opinion that scientists have deeper and longer influence. For example, although paper was invented over two thousand years ago, it is still a necessity in our life. However, the political system built at that time is unlikely to be missed by people today.
In conclusion, scientists and politicians influence our lives in their own ways, but it seems to me that the influence of the scientists is more direct and powerful.

Important Instructions:

Keep the word limit in mind:

  • You can use any short and imaginary address while writing a letter, so you won’t run out of words in the main body of the letter. For Essay writing do not try to take too many points as you’ll be on a tight word limit of 150 or 250 words.

Use simple language:

  • There is no need to use heavy vocabulary, the main agenda of descriptive test is to deliver the message appropriately to the reader.

Avoid grammatical and spelling errors:

  • Read newspapers and try to write on a topic daily with a confined word limit to improve your writing skills.



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