How to Prepare Reasoning for IBPS Clerk Exam – Check Tips and Tricks

How to Prepare Reasoning for IBPS Clerk Exam

Students who find the Reasoning Section difficult must read through this article. The post has especially been written in order to give insights on how to prepare Reasoning for IBPS Clerk Exam.

How to Prepare Reasoning for IBPS Clerk Exam

Many candidates feel that the Reasoning Section is tricky and consumes a lot of time. But we assure that a good practice schedule and focus on the topics will clear the gateway to crack the Reasoning Section in the very first attempt.

It is very important that the students get familiar with the IBPS Clerk Exam Pattern for both Prelims and Mains if they are serious about cracking the Reasoning paper.

  • Being focussed and concentrated is one of the most important aspects that candidates need to set straight and get serious about
  • Solving more and more puzzles will help to crack this section, a lot
  • Prepare taking the help of IBPS Clerk Previous Year Question Papers
  • The reasoning is something which can be improvised at any point of time if an individual is dedicated enough
  • Take help of the books and online study material and tricks in order to get better at Logical Reasoning
  • Solve more and more Reasoning Quizzes
  • Do not miss any topic from IBPS Clerk Syllabus, go through every topic at least once
  • Try to read new things which come in a relation of Logical Reasoning and understand their concepts
  • Gather friends/cousins and play games with them which require Reasoning and Logical Thinking skills. Repeat that often to crack IBPS Clerk


How to Prepare Reasoning Section for IBPS Clerk Exam – Important Topics

Students must remember that there is a negative marking of 0.25 mark for every incorrect answer. So, do not attempt those questions in the exam which you are uncertain or unsure about. Below given are some of the important topics from the IBPS Clerk Reasoning Section:

  • Arrangement & Pattern
  • Coding & Decoding
  • Inequalities
  • Syllogisms

IBPS Clerk Reasoning Focus Area

There are some of the topics in which one can easily obtain good marks with not much requirement of effort. So, one should not leave such topics & attempt them at the beginning. The following mentioned are the section-wise preparation for Reasoning section:

Arrangement & Pattern

There is a total of 10 questions asked from any of the topics i.e. Random Alphabet, Number Arrangements, Sequences, and Mixed Sequences. The Random Sequence of Alphabets questions are asked on the group of 5 terms each of 3 alphabets or series of the alphabet, while Number Arrangements questions asked are mostly based on the group of 5 terms each of 3 digits or series of numbers.

how to prepare reasoning for ibps clerk exam

Coding & Decoding

There is 5 question asked on this topic which includes Coding (Fictitious Language) or Coding (by Analogy) or Coding (by Letter Shifting).


5 questions on either Direct Mathematical Inequalities or Coded Inequalities will be definitely asked. Other than that, Mathematical Inequalities are very simple. So, practice at least 5 sets of each daily.


Syllogism could be difficult to solve and require special focus. So, practice 20 questions daily. Questions which are usually asked are based on 2 Statements and 2 Conclusions with possibility case. You can also go through the study plan of the IBPS Clerk Prelims study plan.

Scoring Chapters of Reasoning

The below-mentioned topics are scoring & can be done 100% accuracy:

  • Direction & Distance
  • Blood Relation
  • Order & Ranking
  • Classification & Analogy

Directions & Distance

This topic is really easy and less time-consuming. Also easy to attain accuracy. Questions based on Route and Network are mainly asked. Practice at least 20 Questions daily to improve your speed.

Blood Relations

It includes a single statement & family tree problems. By drawing T- diagram you can easily solve these questions.

Order & Ranking

Order and Ranking is a very scoring topic. It mainly involves finding out the positions.

Classification & Analogy

This topic involves questions based on GK, Numbers, and Letters. These topics are very easy and can be accurately solved in less time duration.

IBPS Clerk Reasoning Section – Tricky Chapter

Some of the chapters are tricky in Reasoning Section which is mentioned below:

  • Seating Arrangement
  • Puzzles

Seating Arrangement

At least one comprehension of 5 or more questions on Seating Arrangement will be asked. It will include Circular or linear arrangement problems with one or more variable. Since these Qs are time-consuming so try to identify the simplest questions & then solve it.


One Puzzle of 5 questions based on Double Lineup or Scheduling is mostly asked. Usually, people find Puzzles difficult. The only way to approach the puzzles is to practice them as much as you can. By practicing you will able to easily solve it in the exam.

How To Prepare for Reasoning for IBPS Clerk Exam – General Tips

Here are some general tips that you should follow in order to boost your scores.

  • Always start with easy questions to score more
  • Start the paper with the most important topic as mentioned above & then approach the scoring topics
  • Then go for Seating Arrangement and puzzles. Solve them within 7 minutes
  • Do not spend more than 20 minutes in solving Reasoning Ability Section

how to prepare reasoning for ibps clerk exam



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