How to Prepare for NEET 2018 without Coaching (Self Study)

How to Prepare for NEET 2018 without Coaching (Self Study)

How to Prepare for NEET 2018 without Coaching (Self Study) – NEET toppers without coaching strategy

How to Prepare for NEET 2018 without Coaching (Self Study)

How to Prepare for NEET 2018 without Coaching (Self Study) – It has become a norm nowadays for parents to enroll their children to coaching classes for engineering and medical entrance examinations. The majority of students too want to take the help of coaching classes to crack these competitive exams.

However, maybe you are one of those candidates who want to crack NEET exam without the help of coaching classes. And it might work out extremely well for you depending on your patience and determination.

Some people tend to think that higher the fees asked by a coaching class, the better chance the students would have to crack the exam. Scoring good marks in exam depends entirely on the teacher’s method of teaching and his/her dedication to teaching.

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How to Prepare for NEET 2018 without Coaching

Follow the points listed below religiously to crack NEET exam through self-study.

1) Give In Your 100%!

To crack NEET exam 2018 without taking any coaching class, you have to prepare a daily study plan for yourself. And allot a fixed number of hours to each subject daily.

Follow this plan strictly; and do not forget to include breaks and time for recreational activities. These activities refresh your mind and helps you prepare better.

However, this does not mean that you spend the majority of your time on other activities and breaks. Spending 6 hours daily is a recommended time duration for study. Divide this into three intervals – of 2 hours each of continuous study on a particular topic – with a break of fifteen minutes in between.

Taking a break longer than 15 minutes has the possibility of distracting your mind. And you may abandon the idea of studying for the day. Yes, we completely understand that. So, never take breaks longer than that.

Spend the time after your study doing any activity that interests you: playing sports, dancing, sketching or any hobby of yours. This will recharge your mind and keep you healthy at the same time.

But do keep in mind that you may decrease or increase this recommended study duration according to your capacity. Going overboard will tire you out and you won’t be able to concentrate; this will degrade your preparation.

At the same time, spending too less time will not result in an effective outcome.

2) Accumulate Quality Study Material

Spend your money on recommended study material best suited for understanding the concepts and practicing all the topics. But do not buy any and every book that you see.

Do your research on the best book available. Ask your peers, do some online searches, and make your decision accordingly.

A wise decision would be to ask the toppers or experts in the field for their suggestions regarding the same.

Lastly, do not just collect them. Spend your valuable time on those.

3) Mock Test is the Key!

You need to practice regularly to understand the concepts better. It helps you retain your memory of the concepts.

Also, it helps you manage your time efficiently as it lets you know the exam pattern and time allotment. You can effectively increase your speed to your advantage by giving mock tests.

The mock test result will help you in analyzing your performance. Accordingly, you can focus more on your weak areas and improve.

4) Prepare as per your Convenience

With this style of preparation, you can study as per your choice of time and convenience. Eventually, it keeps you away from stress.

How to Prepare for NEET 2018 without Coaching – What to Avoid

1) Keep your phone in a separate room while studying. It is the major source of distraction for people.

2) Try not to spend more than an hour in front of the T.V. or PC.

3) Do not skip sleeping. You should sleep a minimum of 8 hours daily to keep your body and mind refreshed. Also, consume healthy food at proper times daily.

4) For this time, try not to attend family events and other social functions.

5) A mistake that many of us commit – studying on a bed. Always study on a desk-table or chair-table arrangement. It helps you to concentrate.

As a last measure, you can keep checking their official website on a regular basis to stay updated.

Give your best and clear the exam with flying colors; because you know that it’s possible. All the best!

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