How to Prepare for General Awareness in IBPS PO exam

Preparing for IBPS PO exam? Get here expert tips for mastering General Awareness in IBPS PO exam

Prepare  and Crack  General Awareness in IBPS PO exam

General Knowledge is the most crucial section in the competitive exams. GK still continues to follow even after you qualify in the Mains. In the interview also, you are likely to be asked about the current affairs and GK, it will also prepare you for debate and group discussions in any competitive exam. Preparations in these categories are essential. This article aims to throw some light on “How to prepare for general awareness in IBPS PO exam”.

General Awareness in IBPS PO exam – Important Topics

General Awareness section in IBPS PO carries 40 marks. Each incorrect answer carries 0.25 marks.

The important topics that fall in this category are as follows:

  • Indian and World Geography
  • Physical Geography
  • Indian and World History
  • International Organizations
  • Science
  • Awards and honors
  • Indian Politics & Economy
  • Constitution
  • Budget and Taxes
  • Government Schemes
  • Countries and Currencies
  • RBI based questions
  • Miscellaneous GK
  • Current Affairs

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General Awareness in IBPS PO exam – Where to study GK and Current Affairs for IBPS exam?

Reading Newspapers/Magazines:

Reading news papers, magazines, stand first among any other preparation tip. This will help to keep you updated with the latest events happening nationally and globally. Make it a habit; allocate a couple of hours just for reading Newspaper. Make notes of the important events while reading. Do not ignore Sports column. This will also improve your vocabulary.

Watch TV:

Watch talks shows, fact based shows, debates on national TV. Get tuned to appropriate channel and follow the news, it is very important. Sometimes, the facts that you hear make a great impact than the ones you read. However, reading the newspapers/magazines as important as watching a fact based chat show. It will be very beneficial.

Magazines and Books:

A few publications only concentrate on current matters and common information. You must go through such books and magazines. One such book which many aspirants look up to is ‘Manorama’. Reading the sports magazines also helps. Remember, you are needed to know at least 6 months of GK.


Internet has proved to be wonderful place if you can make proper use of it. Google, YouTube and Wikipedia are vastly used and are a good source of information. You get quick results unlike the time consuming while checking old books in the library. Use your search skills effectively to read all the current affairs and GK quizzes online. Enroll in online forums which primarily provide static GK and current affairs. This would be the best way if you are someone who is more comfortable in online reading.


Prepare short notes, flash cards with vital information on awards, books and authors, dates and their importance. It is a better way to retain information especially related to dates as your brain has to retain so much of information. This will also help in a quick revision. Take online mock tests, assess yourself to see where you are lagging and prepare accordingly. Subscribe to blogs and forums related to preparation for such exams and especially for General awareness too.


All these preparation tips will help you score better in GK & Current Affairs, General Awareness in IBPS PO exam.


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