How To Prepare For CLAT 2021

In the current trend, it is common that students join coaching centers for various examinations. There are very few students who make up their minds to study and prepare for the exam without coaching. If you are a CLAT aspirant, then here is all you need to know about how to prepare for CLAT 2021 without any coaching.

As per the previous year’s CLAT exam analysis, the exam was slightly difficult due to the change in the pattern of the exam. This post takes you through expert tips and tricks to crack the exam in one attempt and get admission into your desired college.

How to Prepare for CLAT Entrance Exam 2021

Reading is key since the pattern is comprehensive. Students have to be speedy readers to analyze the meaning of comprehension and derive answers. Solving CLAT previous year Question Papers is one of the preparation strategies suggested by experts and toppers.

  • The English language cannot be mastered in a short span of time. You need to read and write a lot to improve your expression. The Cloze test has emerged as an important part of the English section. Do not forget to prepare for the cloze test.
  • Legal aptitude is the most vital section of CLAT 2021. Important book references are the Constitution of India and the Legal Penal Code. Refer to books like “Most commonly used legal terms” and “legal glossary terms”.
  • To score good marks in the English section, it is important for all candidates to prepare well for CLAT English including Comprehension.
  • The logical Reasoning section requires critical thinking and also takes a lot of time to solve. Questions include blood relation, direction, height, coding-decoding, and sequence, etc. Good practice enables you to solve this fast.

CLAT Exam Pattern 2021

Have a look at the below exam pattern and know the marking scheme of each section.

  • The entire exam includes multiple-choice questions.
  • The CLAT UG exam is now comprehensive in nature. There is a comprehension with a reading time of 5-7 minutes and the questions are asked based on the information given in it.
  • The CLAT 2021 Syllabus remains the same for all subjects. There is no change in any topic.
  • The exam is conducted for a duration of 2 hours. The CLAT 2021 has a negative marking of 0.25 marks for each wrong answer.
Subject Number of questions Percentage weightage
English Language 28-32 questions 20%
Current Affairs, including General Knowledge 35-39 questions 25%
Legal Reasoning 35-39 questions 25%
Logical Reasoning 28-32 questions 20%
Quantitative Techniques 13-17 questions 10%

How To Prepare For CLAT Exam 2021?

Students who had been preparing in institutions or some classrooms are facing issues in preparing from online mediums.

People are generally at home and cannot visit their classes for studying peacefully. One has to now inculcate skills and tactics to manage their preparation at home.

Here are some full-proof tips for CLAT Preparation at home:

The mentality of Study Online

Analyzing your schedule or day-plan can help you understand this a little better. One has always planned their day with many other recreational activities or new learnings along with their study hours.

The activities that one is getting involved in nowadays because of being at home around everyone is overpowering the time devoted to the exam preparation.

Now that the exam is round the corner, one must seriously build in the mentality of “Study Only”

Aim to study for 12-13 hours each day keeping aside all the curricular activities that one has been into.

Simplifying one’s day by keeping coordination between essential/necessary tasks and study is the only key to ace the exam at this point.

Question Yourself: Where did my last 3 Days go?

Recall and note down a brief of the activities done in the last 3 days. This shall give you an understanding of the areas where you have failed in your daily planning.

Noting down this shall help to minimize the distractions.

Scheduling is Important! Most Important!

Plan your study schedule with divisions of “Subject” breaking it down to the topic and then the medium of study.

The medium can be CLAT Books, sample papers, mocks, modules from the coaching, or your own study notes.

CLAT Preparation 2021

Here is the subject-wise preparation strategy for CLAT 2021 Exam. Go through CLAT Preparation Tips by experts and enhance your preparation.

How to Prepare for CLAT English 2021?

Follow experts suggested CLAT English Preparation Tips know different types of questions asked in the exam and how to crack them.

Proficiency  in English

Just like the age-old proverb, ‘Rome was not built in a day’, the similarly English language cannot be learned in a day and you need to read a lot to become an expert. English is a very important section as your English will be tested. Remember to take this section seriously as most laws are available in English.

Understanding of law will require a high-level proficiency in English as this is really the mother of all languages for a law student, despite knowledge of local languages.

Extensive Reading

Read More to improve language. read books, magazines, newspapers, and novels to enhance your vocabulary.

Improve Grammar

Study the basics of grammar and this can be done even from school level grammar books to strengthen your basics. However, you need to get your grammar right and fix the mistakes to secure a good rank in CLAT 2021.

Read Newspaper

Read the Newspaper editorial and opinion columns to improve your English. The English used in Newspaper editorials and opinion columns is good enough to improve your English. There are a number of esteemed publications that can be of great help in your CLAT 2021 journey. Watch Free CLAT Demo Classes.

How to Prepare for CLAT Mathematics?

  • For law aspirants, mathematics may not be a big deal as this is just Class 10 mathematics.
  • Go through NCERT Mathematics textbooks of class 9 and class 10.
  • There are several school level topics in maths that need your attention. Remember, that mathematics won’t be as tough as preparing for Engineering entrance exams.
  • So just relax. Rewind and go back to your school textbooks a bit. If you are still worried about how to prepare for CLAT Maths subject, then go through CLAT Maths Preparation Tips to know the topic-wise tricks to crack the exam.

How to Prepare for CLAT Legal Aptitude?

  • Legal aptitude continues to be the most important section of CLAT 2021. By following expert CLAT Legal Aptitude Preparation Tips, aspirants can crack the exam easily.
  • Important book references for this would be the Constitution of India and the Legal Penal Code.
  • You can also refer to other books. Refer to books like “Most commonly used legal terms” and “legal glossary terms”. It is very important to understand legal terms and the most commonly used terms. It is also good to read law magazines and have a more legal perspective on issues or have a more legal opinion on issues that matter.

How to Prepare CLAT Logical Reasoning?

Here are the important topics under the Logical Reasoning of the CLAT Exam. Go through the CLAT Logical Reasoning Preparation Tips to understand the topics in a better way and answer any questions asked in this section.

  • Classification: Easiest to solve
  • Arrange words in Logical Order: Most candidates get this right if you know the ABCD alphabets quite well. This is a mere arrangement that can be built with good observation. It is s sequential arrangement.
  • Syllogism: Draw Venn Diagrams to avoid confusion. Sometimes questions are tricky and require careful reading.
  • Verbal Analogies: A Good Vocabulary will help to solve this section. Establish the relationship between the two words.
  • Analysis Judgment: It requires critical thinking and needs a lot of time to solve. Questions include blood relation, Direction, Height, and Sequence. Only good practice can help you to solve this quickly.
  • Numerical Operations: Section is easy when you are well versed with the formulae.
  • Coding-Decoding: Coding-Decoding is very tricky to need time and attention.
  • Non- Verbal Reasoning: Pictorial Analogies, Symbol series, symbolic operations, numeric patterns, spatial relations, space visualizations, spatial reasoning, mirror image, and space image are examples of questions. Preparation will be of great help.
  • Matrix and puzzles: The sections test your creative way of solving problems. It is difficult and time-consuming. Comes with ease to some, to others with preparation and practice.

Importance of Moot Courts: Knowledge of arguing cases and knowing various laws at the tip of your tongue is a great thing to know for all aspiring lawyers. However, you can start young by understanding cases.

how to prepare for clat

How To Prepare For CLAT 2021?

Here are a few CLAT Last Minute Preparation Tips for cracking the highly competitive Law Entrance Exam in one attempt.

  • Chart a Study plan: Plan your daily routine and plan your study routine accordingly. Don’t waste time on frivolous things. Do Yoga and Exercise for better health and to keep your mind focused.
  • Follow Test Pattern: Know the examination pattern and marking scheme.
  • Study the entire syllabus: Cover all essential parts of the syllabus and important parts of the syllabus
  • Practice Mock Tests: Mock tests are important in determining your success in exams. How well you do in mock tests will determine how well you do in the exams.
  • Give Attention to all sections: Pay attention not just to important sections, but all sections of the syllabus
  • Prepare study notes: Prepare notes and jot down important points from what you study
  • Discuss with Friends and Teachers: Discuss the syllabus and notes with friends and teachers. It might also help you make more friends.
  • Eat well, sleep well and exercise: Follow the mantra of eating well, sleep well and exercise as this will help you to focus on your exams
  • Do Yoga and Meditation: Yoga and meditation are timeless ancient Indian sciences that can help in dealing with stress during exams.
  • Think Positive. Learn to think positive, be positive. Eliminate negative thoughts from your mind by doing things that interest you like

How to Prepare for CLAT Exam in One Month?

Following the simple tips provided below will help candidates to know how to prepare for CLAT Exam in one month.

Week 1

  • Try to learn 100-120 new words
  • Read the newspaper daily and watch the news regularly
  • Clear all the basic concepts and learn all fundamentals from each subject
  • Go through the weekly magazine to know all the happenings around the world for that particular week.
  • Try to solve at least 1-2 mock tests regularly

Week 2

In week 2, attempt the mock test and try to analyze your performance in the exam. After completion of analyzing know your weak areas and know how to improve in those areas.

  • Try to solve at least 800-1000 questions from previous year papers
  • Read monthly magazines and solve daily quiz to test your preparation level of the GK section.
  • Practice English questions from topics idioms, proverbs, fill in the blanks, root words, close test, etc

Week 3

  • Read the monthly magazine for the month of August-September
  • Solve as many previous year papers as possible to improve your time management skills and problem-solving skills
  • Try to solve at least 2 mock tests every day in week 3

Week 4

  • In the last week of preparation, it is common that many students will get panic. But with proper preparation, it is easy to clear the CLAT exam
  • Read the newspaper daily till the end of the exam
  • Attempt mock test and analyze your performance after completion of each mock test.
  • Try to improve your weak areas

How to Prepare For CLAT Exam in a Week

A time table for CLAT Preparation shall be the best tip to start the preparation theoretically. Execution without a plan is always ineffective. Candidates must check the following content in order to understand how to prepare for CLAT in one week:

Day 1 Focus on mathematics and logical reasoning subjects and try to solve questions from previous year papers. Revise all the important formulas and concepts from both subjects.
Day 2 Legal Aptitude and GK/Current Affairs are rather more important which candidates should focus on as these two sum up a total of 100 marks in the paper. Try to go through every single topic from the whole syllabus.
Day 3 Practice questions based on topics like Contract Act, Criminal Law, Indian Constitution, and the Law of Tort. So, instead of going for IPC or the CRP from the legal aptitude section.
Day 4 Try to cover the very important topics that are Awards which are practiced in the areas of literature, science, arts, and sports from the general awareness section. Also, one must be attentive to any noteworthy events in the area of the Indian Constitution or Justice system.
Day 5 Revise the topics you prepared from the past 4 days and solve Free CLAT Mock Test from our site to test your preparation levels.
Day 6  On day 6, try to solve as many previous year papers as possible and analyze the questions after the completion of each paper.
Day 7 Revise all the basic formulas from Maths, and focus on legal aptitude, GK, and Current affairs. Attempt mock tests and practice previous year papers.

Frequently Asked Questions on CLAT Preparation

Q. How much time does it takes to prepare for CLAT?

Ans: With proper study plan and regularly studying each topic can help in preparation for CLAT. Ensure to study each topic from the right book and practice previous year papers for understanding the difficulty level. Also, make sure to attempt the mock test series regularly to analyze preparation levels.

Q. Is the CLAT Exam difficult?

Ans: The difficulty level of the exam depends on the candidate’s mindset and preparation levels. If prepared well for all topics, then it is easier to answer any question asked in the exam. Candidates must also ensure not to get tensed while taking up the exam this helps in answering better all questions. The question paper might be lengthy but it depends on how a candidate answers the questions.

Q. Which newspaper is best for CLAT Preparation?

Ans; Most of the experts recommend that The Hindu Newspaper is the best material for the CLAT Preparation of General Awareness section.

Q. Can I Prepare for CLAT in one month?

Ans: To prepare for CLAT in one month requires constant dedication and concentration. Candidates must study each subject in-depth and be well prepared to crack the exam with a high score. But it is slightly difficult for an average student to prepare for CLAT in one month.



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