How to Prepare for CLAT Exam 2020?

If you are a Lawyer aspirant and willing to pursue their education in law from the best law schools and universities of India, then begin your preparation well in advance. Candidates can get into the best law schools and universities through CLAT if they have a good score. Common-Law Admission Test is an all India entrance examination conducted to offer admission into 17 National Law Universities. This post explains expert tips and suggestions on How to Prepare for CLAT and how to crack the exam in one attempt.

Latest: As per the CLAT Latest News, the exam is scheduled for 22nd August 2020 in online mode. Candidates are advised to go through the medical precautions notice released by the Consortium of National Law Universities that has to be followed mandatorily on the day of the exam. 

How to Prepare for CLAT 2020

In order to start your preparation for CLAT 2020 Exam, let’s quickly look at the exam pattern and understand the examination. As the exam is conducted in online mode this year, candidates have to be well prepared with all subjects. Go through the detailed pattern below and start preparation.

How To Prepare For CLAT

CLAT Exam Pattern 2020

Have a look at the below exam pattern and know the marking scheme of each section.

  • The entire exam includes multiple-choice questions.
  • The CLAT UG exam is now comprehensive in nature. There is a comprehension with a reading time of 5-7 minutes and the questions are asked based on the information given in it.
  • The CLAT Syllabus remains same for all subjects. There is no change in any topic.
  • The exam is conducted for a duration of 2 hours. The CLAT 2020 has a negative marking of 0.25 marks for each wrong answer.
Subject Number of questions Percentage weightage
English Language 28-32 questions 20%
Current Affairs, including General Knowledge 35-39 questions 25%
Legal Reasoning 35-39 questions 25%
Logical Reasoning 28-32 questions 20%
Quantitative Techniques 13-17 questions 10%

CLAT Preparation 2020

Here is the subject-wise preparation strategy for CLAT 2020 Exam. Go through CLAT Preparation Tips by experts and enhance your preparation.

How to Prepare English for CLAT 2020?

  • Just like the age-old proverb, ‘Rome was not built in a day’, the similarly English language cannot be learned in a day and you need to read a lot to become an expert. English is a very important section as your English will be tested. Remember to take this section seriously as most laws are available in English.
  • Understanding of law will require a high-level proficiency in English as this is really the mother of all languages for a law student, despite knowledge of local languages.
  • Read More to improve language. read books, magazines, newspapers, and novels to enhance your vocabulary. Follow expert suggested CLAT English Preparation Tips to know different types of questions asked in the exam and how to crack them.
  • Study the basics of grammar and this can be done even from school level grammar books to strengthen your basics. However, you need to get your grammar right and fix the mistakes to secure a good rank in CLAT 2020.
  • Read the Newspaper editorial and opinion columns to improve your English. The English used in Newspaper editorials and opinion columns is good enough to improve your English. There are a number of esteemed publications that can be of great help in your CLAT 2020 journey.

How to Prepare for CLAT 2020 Mathematics?

  • For law aspirants, mathematics may not be a big deal as this is just Class 10 mathematics.
  • Go through NCERT Mathematics textbooks of class 9 and class 10.
  • There are several school level topics in maths that need your attention. Remember, that the mathematics won’t be as tough as preparing for Engineering entrance exams.
  • So just relax. Rewind and go back to your school textbooks a bit. If you are still worried about how to prepare for CLAT Maths subject, then go through CLAT Maths Preparation Tips to know the topic-wise tricks to crack the exam.

How to Prepare for CLAT LLM 2020 Legal Aptitude?

  • Legal aptitude continues to be the most important section of CLAT 2020. By following expert CLAT Legal Aptitude Preparation Tips, aspirants can crack the exam easily.
  • Important book references for this would be the Constitution of India and Legal Penal Code.
  • You can also refer to other books. Refer to books like “Most commonly used legal terms” and “legal glossary terms”. It is very important to understand legal terms and the most commonly used terms. It is also good to read law magazines and have a more legal perspective on issues or have a more legal opinion on issues that matter.

How to Prepare Logical Reasoning for CLAT 2020?

Here are the important topics under the Logical Reasoning of the CLAT Exam. Go through the CLAT Logical Reasoning Preparation Tips to understand the topics in a better way and answer any questions asked in this section.

  1. Classification: Easiest to solve
  2. Arrange words in Logical Order: Most candidates get this right if you know the ABCD alphabets quite well. This is a mere arrangement that can be built with good observation. It is s sequential arrangement.
  3. Syllogism: Draw Venn Diagrams to avoid confusion. Sometimes questions are tricky and require careful reading.
  4. Verbal Analogies: A Good Vocabulary will help to solve this section. Establish the relationship between the two words.
  5. Analysis Judgment: It requires critical thinking and needs a lot of time to solve. Questions include blood relation, Direction, Height and Sequence. Only good practice can help you to solve this quickly.
  6. Numerical Operations: Section is easy when you are well versed with the formulae.
  7. Coding-Decoding: Coding-Decoding is very tricky to need time and attention.
  8. Non- Verbal Reasoning: Pictorial Analogies, Symbol series, symbolic operations, numeric patterns, spatial relations, space visualizations, spatial reasoning, mirror image, and space image are examples of questions. Preparation will be of great help.
  9. Matrix and puzzles: The sections test your creative way of solving problems. It is difficult and time-consuming. Comes with ease to some, to others with preparation and practice.

Importance of Moot Courts: Knowledge of arguing cases and knowing various laws at the tip of your tongue is a great thing to know for all aspiring lawyers. However, you can start young by understanding cases.

How to prepare for CLAT 2020?

Here are a few CLAT Last Minute Preparation Tips for cracking the highly competitive Law Entrance Exam in one attempt.

  1. Chart a Study plan: Plan your daily routine and plan your study routine accordingly. Don’t waste time on frivolous things. Do Yoga and Exercise for better health and to keep your mind focused.
  1. Follow Test Pattern: Know the examination pattern and marking scheme.
  1. Study the entire syllabus: Cover all essential parts of the syllabus and important parts of the syllabus
  1. Practice Mock Tests: Mock tests are important in determining your success in exams. How well you do in mock tests will determine how well you do in the exams.
  1. Give Attention to all sections: Pay attention not just to important sections, but all sections of the syllabus
  1. Prepare study notes: Prepare notes and jot down important points from what you study
  1. Discuss with Friends and Teachers: Discuss the syllabus and notes with friends and teachers. It might also help you make more friends.
  1. Eat well, sleep well and exercise: Follow the mantra of eating well, sleep well and exercise as this will help you to focus on your exams
  1. Do Yoga and Meditation: Yoga and meditation are timeless ancient Indian sciences that can help in dealing with stress during exams.
  2. Think Positive. Learn to think positive, be positive. Eliminate negative thoughts from your mind by doing things that interest you like

How to Prepare CLAT Exam in a Week

Candidates must check the following content in order to understand how to prepare for CLAT in one week:

Understanding the Distribution of Syllabus

This is one of the most essential preparation tips and most times, the candidates make very silly errors. The aspirants, just out of fear, spend an unnecessary amount of time on the subject Mathematics as well as Logical Reasoning. So, by solving more and more problems from a broad list of topics, the students tend to forget about the other sections.

  • So, as the applicants can visibly understand that the subjects Mathematics and Logical Reasoning together sum up to only a total of 60 marks, they should not fixate on these subjects
  • Legal Aptitude and GK/Current Affairs are rather more important which candidates should focus on as these two sums up a total of 100 marks in the paper
  • Try to go through every single topic from the whole syllabus. Leaving any topic will not enable one to bring good marks in the paper

Concentrate on Legal Aptitude

Students often find problems when it comes to this part as there are two main reasons. The first reason is that it is not related to what we have been taught in schools. And the second one is, being the capable area to cover is very vast.

  • The candidates can be benefited if they would understand what kind of questions appear in the paper
  • According to the evaluation, from last 8 years, it has been observed in the CLAT Paper that typically 4 main topics appear in the exam which are Contract Act, Criminal Law, Indian Constitution and Law of Tort. So, instead of going for IPC or the CrP, it is better that one restricts them to even better understanding of these 4 topics
  • Each out of these 4 topics are extremely broad. Also, candidates shall not forget that it is a law entrance exam. That is why rather than going into technicalities, one must have a fundamental grip on these topics on which the law is formed
  • Also, try to be capable of making the best use of logic and reasoning skills in order to apply the mentioned principles to the realistic situations

General Knowledge & Current Affairs

There is absolutely no source that guarantees that if students will study from there, they will crack this section. Even those students who are the most confident about their preparation can only mark around 80% correct answers in the paper and the best preparation, here, means that a kind of preparation where a candidate is not leaving a single day to go through newspapers from last 5 years

  • It is mandatory that the students must keep basic information related to all the things that have taken place in the world for the last 1 decade
  • The candidates must cover the very important topics that are Awards which are practiced in the areas of literature, science, arts, and sports
  • The candidates must be aware of the major bodies of the UN, their location and functions. In addition to that, the students must have a good knowledge of history and geography
  • Also, one must also be attentive of any noteworthy events in the area of the Indian Constitution or Justice system
  • For Current Affairs, one must choose one or two trustworthy sources and must follow them without fail as it more systematic by reading from certain sources rather than randomly reading things over the internet

Mock Tests to the rescue

One must mandatorily plan to attempt more and more mock tests. So, set a target to attempt at least 70-80& of the CLAT syllabus before beginning to do the mocks. That’s the best way that one will be benefited from attempting the test.

  • Candidates can try a Free CLAT Mock Test from our site
  • Mock Tests make one understands the difficulty level of the exam and the kind of questions which are being repeated in the papers
  • Also, practicing the mock tests will strengthen the skills of the candidate once they practice them every day
  • One must look for a good online mock test series, and set a target to attempt at least 6-8 mock papers before the day of the exam
  • Strictly follow the exam conditions. Also, consider the exam time limit, too


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