How to Prepare CLAT Exam in a Week

CLAT Exam - law entrance exam

Achieving an admission in one of the top Law Universities in India is not a simple task. Are you also looking forward to it? Would you like to study in one the famous universities to reach your goal? Then the time is arriving. CLAT 2016 is very close. All the aspiring students might be preparing and burning the midnight oil by now.

Everyone would want to achieve a good percentage in CLAT. But how? A lot of questions arise in your mind.

Is it possible to prepare for CLAT Exam in a week?

It is always better you start your preparation at the earliest. You will turn into a more condiment person if your practice more.  Still we would like to give a few tips to prepare for CLAT in a week. Maybe this will help you to do your last revision a week or two before the CLAT Examination.

If you have just finished your 12th exams, then a few sections of CLAT will be easier for you. English and Mathematics may be more familiar to you. You will just have tospend some extra time on your weaker sections of these subjects.

How to prepare General Knowledge for CLAT?

You should always keep reading a lot about the current affairs. Make use of the journals, newspapers and other facilities to enhance your GK. You should know that this section can score you better in CLAT Exam. So be prepared to crack the test. You can get some reference books that can help you prepare this section quickly.

Do you have a little knowledge about Law?

If you already know something about Law, then the section of Legal Aptitude will be a little easier for you. As an aspiring law student it important for you to know the basic of law.  So, you should do your best in this section.

 Are you good at logical reasoning?

If yes, then you can relax. All lawyers need to be good in this section. You can anticipate different kinds of logical questions for CLAT. Good Luck for your CLAT Examination. Hope these tips will help you prepare for CLAT Exam in a week’s time.


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