How to overcome Exam Anxiety?


How to overcome exam anxiety? Tips, Tricks and Strategy to deal with exam anxiety

How to overcome Exam Anxiety?

Exam Anxiety is an age old concept of being unable to cope with ones fears during an exam that is being reinforced in modern times. In more recent times, the lack of job opportunities and intense competition in exams have reinforced these fears in students who are compelled to perform well in exams and hardly have a choice, but to perform well in exams.

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We look at some of the common fears that are prevalent in society these days among most students and candidates. What are the most common fears that are students and candidates are prone to?

  •  Will I Score well in the exam?
  • What will be my Rank?
  • I am unable to understand certain sections of the exam?
  • Will my Parents be happy?
  • What will my classmates, friends and relatives think about my score?
  • What will happen to my career?
  • Will I get a job?
  • What about Money and livelihood?

These are some of the most common and universal fears when it comes to exam anxiety. These fears are often connected to the larger cause which include career, impact on relationships in society and not often limited to studies alone.

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Some Useful Tips to Prepare well to avoid Exam Anxiety: How to overcome exam anxiety? 

  1. Prepare in Advance, Do not wait for the last minute to prepare
  2. Last minute preparation is risky and dangerous, so avoid it all costs.
  3. Avoid Procrastination, distractions and laziness.
  4. Practice Mock Tests to gain confidence
  5. Collect useful study materials and go through them.
  6. Do not get overwhelmed by outside pressure.
  7. Review past performance and learn from past experience.
  8. Read reference books and study material that are related to the subject.
  9. Include novels and General Knowledge books.
  10. Improve knowledge by visiting useful websites.
  11. Watch instructional Videos related to your subject.
  12. You can also watch documentaries and movies related to your subject.
  13. Take Guidance and Feedback from experts in the field
  14. Stay relaxed.

What to Do when you are suffering from Exam Anxiety: How to overcome exam anxiety? 

1. Exam Anxiety is complex to understand as reasons for Exam Anxiety can vary from Person to Person.

2. Example, several students can develop anxiety over a particular section in the exam that is difficult.

3. In such cases, one must devote more time and energy towards difficult sections.

4. Relax by Drinking Juice, Eating Chocolates or doing anything you like.

5. If you like to de-stress by playing a sport – then play a sport.

6. You can also use traditional ways of de-stressing like watching TV or listening to the Radio.

7. You can listen to music on any of the music streaming apps on your mobile.

8. There are different ways of destressing and this can vary from person to person.

9. If these ways are unsuitable, find your own ways of de-stressing.

10. Talk to Friends by meeting them or calling them on the phone as socializing helps to de-stress.

11. You can also practice Yoga, meditation and do exercise.

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Conclusion: Hope these tips help you to deal with exam anxiety and prepare well for exams. These Study tips will help deal with exam anxiety.

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