How to Crack SSC CGL Tier 2 in 30 days

How to Crack SSC CGL Tier 2 in 30 days- Tips, tricks and strategy by toppers to crack SSC CGL Tier 2 in just 1 month

How to Crack SSC CGL Tier 2 in 30 days

How to Crack SSC CGL Tier 2 in 30 days- After the exam of SSC CGL 2017 Tier 1 came to an end, students started off their preparation for tier 2. With about a month left for the exam. the biggest question mark is how to prepare for SSC CGL Tier II. There is no rocket science to prepare for SSC CGL tier 2 in 30 days. All you need is the right strategy to crack SSC CGL Tier II along with a systematic approach. It’s never too late to start a full- fledged plan dedicated to SSC CGL Tier 2 30 days preparation. Cracking and getting through SSC CGL exam is always a hard nut to crack and students need to put in 100 percent efforts to succeed in their endeavors. Go through this article on How to Crack SSC CGL Tier 2 in 30 days with the right approach & right strategy as per SSC CGL syllabus which will give you fruitful results.

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SSC CGL Exam Pattern

Let us take a look at the exam pattern of SSC CGL in detail-

SSC CGL Tier I Exam Pattern

SSC CGL Tier I is mandatory for all the posts and its marks are added for further process as well. If you do not clear cut-off of Tier I Exam then you will not be eligible for Tier II. Below table shows the section wise breakup of questions and marks asked in SSC CGL Tier I exam.

Subject Questions Maximum Marks Total Duration
General Intelligence & Reasoning  25 50 60 minutes
Quantitative Aptitude 25 50
General English 25 50
General Awareness 25 50

SSC CGL Exam Pattern – Tier II

The 2 papers which will be asked in tier 2 are as below. In addition, for the posts of JSO and AAO, Paper 3 and Paper 4 are conducted respectively.

Subject Questions Maximum Marks Time Duration
Quantitative Aptitude 100 200 2 Hours
General English  200 200 2 Hours

SSC CGL Exam Pattern 2017 – Tier III

SSC Tier III Maximum Marks Time Duration
Descriptive Paper in English /Hindi 100 1 Hour

SSC CGL 2017 Exam Pattern – Tier IV

SSC Tier IV Time Duration Syllabus
Computer Proficiency Test (CPT) for post of Assistant Section Officer in CSS & MEA only 45 Minutes Word/Excel/ Power P

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How to Crack SSC CGL Tier 2 in 30 days- SSC CGL Exam Syllabus 2017 Tier II

Tier-II of the Combined Graduate Level Examination -2017 will be an Objective type test and it will be conducted over a period of two days.

Paper-I: Quantitative Ability

The Quant syllabus for Tier I and Tier II is same for Quantitative Aptitude.

Paper-II: English Language & Comprehension

The English syllabus for tier 1 and tier 2 are the same. The two new topics added for tier II are Active Passive and cloze test.

Paper-III: For Statistics for Investigator Grade-II Post Only

Collection Classification and Presentation of Statistical Data – Primary and Secondary data, Methods of data collection; Tabulation of data; Graphs and charts; Frequency distributions; Diagrammatic presentation of frequency distributions.

Measures of Central Tendency- Common measures of central tendency – mean median and mode; Partition values- quartiles, deciles, percentiles.

Measures of Dispersion- Common measures dispersion – range, quartile deviations, mean deviation and standard deviation; Measures of relative dispersion.

Moments, Skewness and Kurtosis – Different types of moments and their relationship; the meaning of skewness and kurtosis; different measures of skewness and kurtosis.

Correlation and Regression – Scatter diagram; simple correlation coefficient; simple regression lines; Spearman’s rank correlation; Measures of association of attributes; Multiple regression; Multiple and partial correlations (For three variables only).

Probability Theory – Meaning of probability; Different definitions of probability; Conditional probability; Compound probability; Independent events; Bayes’ theorem.

Random Variable and Probability Distributions – Random variable; Probability functions; Expectation and Variance of a random variable; Higher moments of a random variable; Binomial, Poisson, Normal and Exponential distributions; Joint distribution of two random variables (discrete).

Sampling Theory – Concept of population and sample; Parameter and statistic, Sampling and non-sampling errors; Probability and non-probability sampling techniques (simple random sampling, stratified sampling, multistage sampling, multiphase sampling, cluster sampling, systematic sampling, purposive sampling, convenience sampling and quota sampling); Sampling distribution(statement only); Sample size decisions.

Statistical Inference – Point estimation and interval estimation, Properties of a good estimator, Methods of estimation (Moments method, Maximum likelihood 21 method, Least squares method), Testing of hypothesis, Basic concept of testing, Small sample and large sample tests, Tests based on Z, t, Chi-square and F statistic, Confidence intervals.

Analysis of Variance – Analysis of one-way classified data and two-way classified data. Time Series Analysis – Components of time series, Determinations of trend component by different methods, Measurement of seasonal variation by different methods.

Index Numbers – Meaning of Index Numbers, Problems in the construction of index numbers, Types of index number, Different formulae, Base shifting and splicing of index numbers, Cost of living Index Numbers, Uses of Index Numbers.

Paper IV:General Studies (Finance and Economics) for the post of Assistant Audit Officer

Subject Maximum Marks
Finance and Accounts 80
Economics and Governance 120

How to Crack SSC CGL Tier 2 in 30 days- Tips, Tricks and Strategy to crack SSC CGL Tier 2

Quantitative Aptitude-

  • These four areas should be majorly covered- Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry and Trigonometry.
  • Geometry is the most important among all the areas and you must give it special emphasis.
  • Topics like Trigonometry, Heights and Distances, Trigonometric identities should not be avoided.
  • You need a proper understanding of percentages and ratio & proportion to understand topics like Data interpretation and analysis.
  • You should prepare topics like algebra, simplification, etc.
  • Within arithmetic, profit and loss, simple interest and compound interest, time and distance and time and work happen to be the key topics.

General English-

  • Focus on topics like one-word substitution, idioms and phrases, synonyms and antonyms, fill in the blanks (sentence completion), sentence errors, reading comprehension, sentence rearrangement and jumbled-up sentences.
  • Make sure you cover topics like Narration and active voice / passive voice for SSC CGL tier-II exam.
  • Questions from vocabulary-based topics (one-word substitution, synonyms and antonyms) as well as idioms and phrases get repeated over years in SSC CGL exam. Go through the questions asked in the SSC CGL previous year question papers.
  • Practice different types of reading comprehension questions.
  • Focus on topics like error spotting,  fill in the blanks, sentence rearrangement and jumbled-up sentences .

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