How to Crack IBPS Exam in First Attempt

How to Crack IBPS Exam in First Attempt- Get effective tips to crack IBPS exams – PO, Clerk, RRB, SO in first attempt

How to Crack IBPS Exam in First Attempt

How to Crack IBPS Exam in First Attempt– Cracking a national level exam like IBPS takes a lot of hard work, preparation and determination. It looks a whole lot difficult but surely it is not an impossible test to crack if one aims for it. These types of competitive exams require special type of focus and expertise in at least 2 of the main subjects to get the scoreboard ticking on the day of the final exam. IBPS exams are conducted online through sophisticated software systems. The IBPS exam pattern and IBPS syllabus is quite similar to the exam pattern of every other bank PO exam. One needs to keep a good check of time in such exams and also ensure a lot of accuracy. All in all, it can be said that there is no shortcut to success. We, in this article, will provide you simple hacks of how to crack IBPS Exam in first attempt.

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IBPS Exam Pattern

In an IBPS exam (say PO or Clerk), a candidate is examined in the following subjects-

  1. Quantitative Aptitude (25% Questions)

  1. Reasoning (20% Questions)

  1. English Language (25% Questions)

  1. General Awareness (20% Questions)

  1. Computer Knowledge (10% Questions)

Total: 200 Marks Mains / 100 Marks Preliminary

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How to Crack IBPS Exam in First Attempt- Tips and Tricks 

A common question on every aspirant’s mind, how to crack IBPS exams in first attempt? In order to be able to crack the exam in a single attempt, one needs to have a very serious attitude and needs to dedicated about 2-3 months of final undivided prep time to his subjects. Here are some very crucial tips that one must follow if you want to clear IBPS exams in first attempt itself. Given below are some sure shot tips to crack IBPS Exam in first attempt

1. Dedicate A Lot Of Time To Practice Online Mocks Tests

A lot of students dedicate time studying and covering their syllabus but they are not able to assess themselves on that level. But by taking a lot of online mock test one can experience how it is like to sit for an actual exam. That way one can practice their speed and improve their efficiency of answering the questions. It also gives confidence to the student. So, practice with IBPS mock tests regularly

2. Dedicate a Good Amount of Time In English Practice And Vocabulary

Students dedicate and practice a lot of time for quantitative aptitude and reasoning. But that preparation is not enough for passing the exams. Also a lot of coaching institutes do not stress upon English vocabulary but it is an important part. English is a very scoring subject and one needs good vocabulary to solve many questions. Practice in reading newspapers also helps one solve the reading section of English.

3. Dedicate Daily Routine Time To Read Current Affairs

One does not expect to score in current affairs just by going for a one time preparation. There are also many weekly general awareness manuals one can refer to just to crack these exams. By dedicating daily 30 minutes to current affairs on online portals one can score good in the final exams.

4. Practice and Gain Expertise In Reasoning And Quantitative Aptitude

Reasoning and Quantitative Aptitude form about 45 % of the total syllabus. These are 2 very vital subjects one needs an expertise in. These are also very scoring and can help you go above the cut off marks. One needs to practice hard on reasoning and quantitative aptitude test papers.

5. Solve A Lot of Previous 10 Year Exam Papers

In order to be ahead of the crowd and be well prepared, one must solve at least IBPS previous year question papers of last 10 years. This ensures that you are ahead of the crowd and know the exam pattern well. It also boosts one’s confidence in attempting exam papers and makes oneself better versed with the difficulty level of exam papers.

6. Dedicate Time to Improve Your Attempt Speed

One needs to cover the syllabus well and improve their attempt speed. Just spending time on expertise subject does not ensure a good score enough to qualify for cut offs. One needs to improve their attempt accuracy and speed in order t score more in this kind of competitive exam.

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IBPS exams might seem like highly competitive and difficult to crack but one must not lose heart. There is always a chance to improve oneself with strong will and dedications. Hope our post on how to crack IBPS Exam in first attempt helps. Always remember, there is no shortcut to success!

Thanks to our reader Simar for writing this article which is of great value to us and our readers.


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