How to crack CTET exam? Tips and Tricks to Crack CTET Exam to become CBSE teacher

How to crack CTET exam

How to Crack CTET exam: Tips, Tricks and Strategies to Crack the CTET exam to become a teacher in CBSE.

How to crack CTET exam

CTET (Central Teacher’s Eligibility Test) is an exam conducted by CBSE to pick the best teachers for the primary and upper primary sections. Every year lakhs of students appear for the test. Since this test sets a benchmark to test the quality of the teachers; the paper is known to be quite tough and many find it difficult to clear in the first attempt. Many students take the test 2-3 times to finally succeed.

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Nevertheless, nothing is impossible to achieve with a little hard work. Let’s have a look at some tips to help crack CTET in the first attempt.

Tips on How to crack CTET exam

The tips provided are just steps to reach the top; which means just having the steps won’t help you need to do your part by putting in a lot of hard work and time and use these steps accordingly to touch success.

  1. 3P’s – Plan, Prepare, Practice: The 3 P’s mentioned are the most important to be kept in mind. Firstly, plan your strategy of how you are going to attempt the questions. Work on solving mock papers and try to work out as many previous years questions papers. The previous year’s papers will assist you with the easy and tough sections. This way you can save time by attempting the ones you know well and then going to the lesser known sections.
  2. Secondly, prepare yourself thoroughly through mock papers. The mock papers will give you an idea of the type of questions and the pattern you will have to attempt. You will be able to know your weak areas and can improve. It will also improve your time management skills. Prepare a timetable with time and days of study. Another area for preparation is reading. Good command over English is another skill you should have to get through entrance exams. Reading will not only assist in the exams but also improve your vocabulary and general knowledge in the long run.
  3. Thirdly, practice dailythe same pattern to be familiar with the exam questions. If luck would have it you may get few questions from the previous year’s papers which will increase your possibility of scoring good marks. Practice makes man perfect. For subjects like Mathematics work out the problems rather than looking for the questions and the steps. Practicing will, in turn, boost your confidence and will give you faith in the exam.
  4. Time Management: After the 3P’s time management is another important step you should try to catch up on. Working systematically can alleviate your chances of managing time. Solving mock papers is one way to understand where you stand in time management. Once you are nearly prepared and familiar with the topics set a time limit for each section and work on your speed. Since you would have by now understood your strengths and your weak areas, attempt the easy ones first and then move on to the difficult ones. In the exam hall too try and maintain the same time limit and speed will automatically follow.
  5. Make Notes: Making notes during the studyis my sword during exams. Making notes doesn’t always mean writing down. Although writing down has its own perks as it leaves a mark in your memory and also is reach during revision; there are some who hate jotting. Underlining the important lines or words is what they can do. Use different colors or plain lines to highlight the words or sentences you feel important. This will be of help during revision. You will not have to read the whole book again.
  6. Attempt all questions: A plus pointin this examis that there is no negative marking. Hence attempt all questions even if you have the slightest doubt if it will be right or wrong. Every mark matters. But remember not to spend too much time in one section/question. Start by answering the section you have mastered well.
  7. Revision: While making the timetable allow few days before the exams only for revision. Revising what you have studied is as crucial as studying. If you have made notes look through them, if not check the underlined sections. Revising the subjects brings back topics to your memory and it will stay clear for the exams. Do not overload by studying too much in the last few days.
  8. Stay Calm: Keepcalm and you will have a clear mind for the exams. Do not stress yourself. If you have made a timetable and followed it systematically there will not be any burden in the end. A calm mind is required for concentration and confidence. Get a good sleep the day before the exam and you will feel fresh and relaxed for the exam.

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Conclusion: How to crack CTET exam

Hard work and success go hand in hand. If you have taken the pains to prepare well you will surely see success. Follow the above tips and believe in yourself. Having a positive mind takes you half way towards your goal. The remaining half lies in the hard work you put up.

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