How to attempt SBI Clerk Prelims 2020 | Time Management Tips

The SBI Clerk Application Forms have been released by January 3rd, 2020 and the SBI Prelims is going to take place tentatively by February Month. Hence, all the interested candidates should start their preparation in full swing. This article will help you to understand how to attempt SBI Clerk Prelims 2020 and provide you with helpful time management tips.

How to Attempt SBI Clerk Prelims 2020| Time Management Tips

All the candidates must be ready to appear in the exam. Hence, the applicants cannot write the paper confidently if they will go unprepared. Also, the applicants should really check out the following tricks in order to crack the exam:

  • There is no need to panic on any section
  • Secondly, attempting 80-85 questions are enough to score high
  • Answer the questions that the candidates already are confident about
  • Candidates must give Free SBI Clerk Quiz during preparation
  • Most importantly, candidates must not get stuck on any particular question
  • Do not read the question again and again
  • The best way to prepare for the exam is to give at least 1 Free SBI Clerk Mock Test per day
  • Focus on answering those questions that one already is aware of
  • You can also go through our SBI Clerk Coaching to get an extra edge

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How To Attempt SBI Clerk Prelims: SBI Clerk Exam Highlights

The candidates, before moving to preparation and time management tips, must check the SBI Clerk Exam Highlights table which is given below:

Exam Name SBI Clerk (State Bank of India Probationary Officer)
Exam Conducting Authority State Bank of India
Post Name SBI Clerk
Level of the Exam All India Level
Number of Vacancies 8000
Application Mode Online
Official Website‘rel=nofollow’
The registration process will start from January 3rd, 2020
Closing date of registration January 26th, 2020
Registration Fee Rs.600/-(UR) & Rs.100/-(R)
Qualification Graduation
Date of Preliminary Exam February/March(tentative)
Main Exam Date June 2020
Type of Questions Multiple Choice Questions
Negative Marking Applicable
Preliminary Exam, Main Exam & Interview/ Group Discussion

How to Improve the attempts in SBI Clerk:

  1. Time is not a constraint in the first two sections of the exam which are GK & English. The students are meant to be fully prepared for all the topics of these sections. No candidate can leave any topic during the preparation. The more the candidates will indulge in practice, the better it will keep getting. Even more, students will start to enjoy the studying time.
  2. The students should definitely go for taking more and more mock tests because they improve a lot of mistakes. The candidates will understand their weak points by solving mock tests every day
  3. The students must understand that the practice is the key and once the candidates will start to catch the speed to attempt the tests, it can really help crack the exam in one attempt.

How To Attempt SBI Clerk Prelims Reasoning: SBI Clerk Prelims Time Management Tips

The following steps can help the candidates manage their time for Reasoning section:

  • Firstly, all candidates must target to finish the SBI Clerk Reasoning section within 18 minutes, check the SBI Clerk Exam Pattern Updated
  • Moreover, if any candidate feels stuck on any question, they must not waste time thinking over it
  • Secondly, the stuck-situation can occur on any of the topic n Reasoning
  • Also, candidates must try to cover all questions within 12-14 minutes. This way one can easily be done with at least 16 questions.
  • So, the rest of the 4-5 minutes should be spent on those questions the student felt were tricky
  • That is how the student can attempt MOST of the questions in the Reasoning section

How To Attempt SBI Clerk Prelims English Section: SBI Clerk Prelims Time Management Tips

The students must check out the following preparation strategy in order to manage time during the English section of SBI Clerk:

  • English section is one of the most simple and easy sections of SBI Clerk
  • The goal to finish this section is 15 minutes
  • Now, to allocate proper timing, candidates must spend their first 5 minutes on the passage.
  • Read the passage for 3 minutes
  • Go through quickly and keep answering whatever is clear
  • Moreover, if there is any kind of doubt, we will repeat – Do Not Stop at any particular question
  • Besides that, now, one has to finish all the easy and one-word answers within 10 minutes
  • Read and keep ticking the answer. Do not stop at any tricky question. That will waste a lot of time
  • Leave the tricky questions, check SBI Clerk English Preparation
  • When the last 2-3 minutes are left, give that time to the questions candidates have left blank space for
  • But, still, do not give more than 2 minutes to those questions
  • This way, the candidate has surely attempted more than half questions already

How To Attempt SBI Clerk Prelims Maths Section: SBI Clerk Prelims Time Management Tips

The best way to crack the Maths Section is as follows. Look at the tricks below:

  • First of all, candidates must understand that they only have 22 minutes now
  • Secondly, students have to finish all the questions within 22 minutes
  • Candidates should not worry because the questions are not very difficult
  • Candidates must remember they should not stop on lengthy calculations
  • Whatever question is clear, answer it and move ahead
  • The motif is to finish 17-18 questions within 15-18 minutes
  • Now the rest of the time is merely 2-3 minutes, check How To Crack SBI Clerk In Last 15 Days
  • Finally, candidates must give those 2-3 minutes to the questions they did not attempt now

Important Instructions on how to Attempt SBI Clerk Prelims: SBI Clerk Prelims Time Management Tips

There are some things to keep in mind. Look at the following tips:

  • First of all, candidates must not panic at any section of the exam
  • Secondly, give instant answers first to the questions one is very confident about
  • Also, there is no compulsion of attempting all 100 questions
  • Most importantly, one must attempt at least 80-85 questions. These many questions are enough to score well
  • Besides that. the difficulty level might vary. But, there is no need to worry
  • Be confident and go for it
  • Candidates must practice SBI Clerk Previous Year Question Papers

How To Attempt SBI Clerk Prelims Computer Aptitude Section: SBI Clerk Prelims Time Management Tips

The students can check the Preparation Strategy for SBI Clerk Computer Aptitude as follows:

  • The students must take out at least 2 hours for Computer Aptitude in a day, check SBI Clerk Syllabus
  • Candidates should practice solving more and more Previous Year Exam Paper and Model Question Papers which are based on Computer Knowledge. This practice will help candidates understand the subject a lot
  • Secondly, students must read topics of Computer Aptitude every day so that they don’t feel alien towards it when they appear in the question paper
  • Besides that, students must take notes in order to make the revision easy at the last time

sbi clerk quadratic equation


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