How to attempt SBI Clerk Mains 2019?

sbi clerk mains

The candidates preparing for the SBI Clerk Exam must read this article thoroughly in order to know tips on How To Attempt SBI Clerk Mains Exam and how to manage time effectively in the paper.

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How to attempt SBI Clerk Mains?

The candidates have to manage the time properly in order to score well in the SBI Clerk Mains Exam. The following points are formed in order to give the candidates an insight on how to attempt SBI Clerk Mains Exam to drive results out of that:

  • First of all, students should not get panicked in the exam
  • Secondly, students should attempt those questions first which they are confident about
  • During the preparation, students should not forget to take SBI Clerk Quizzes and SBI Clerk Mock Tests
  • There is no need to read the questions again and again
  • If the student is unclear about the question, they must move on to the next one
  • Also, practicing time management during the preparation of SBI Clerk will help at the time of the exam

SBI Clerk Syllabus Mains Exam 2019

The following table has the Exam Pattern and brief Syllabus for SBI Clerk Mains Exam 2019. The candidates must go through it thoroughly:

  • Candidates have to finish the exam within 2 hours 40 minutes, check the best SBI Clerk Mains Time Management Tips
  • Secondly, there will be 200 questions in the exam
  • Also, there are 4 sections that candidates have to attempt in the exam
  • The question paper will appear in Objective type
Exam mode Computer-based test (CBT)
Number of papers 1
Number of sections 4 (English, Maths, Reasoning & Computer Aptitude)
Question paper type MCQ
Total marks 200
Exam duration 2 hours 40 minutes
Exam language Hindi and English

How To Attempt SBI Clerk Mains English Section

The students do not need to panic for the English Section. It is easy and can be prepared for without any pain. The candidates must check out the following important strategies for SBI Clerk English Section:

SBI Clerk Exam Pattern Updated

  • English section is one of the most simple and easy sections of SBI Clerk
  • The final goal to complete this section within 15-17 minutes
  • Now, to allocate proper timing, candidates must spend their first 5 minutes on the passage.
  • Read the passage for about 3 minutes
  • Then, go through it quickly and keep answering the questions which are immediately clear for you
  • Moreover, if there is any kind of doubt, we will repeat: Do Not Stop at any particular question
  • Besides that, now, one has to finish all the easy and one-word answers within 10 minutes
  • Read and keep on ticking the right answers.
  • Do not stop at any tricky question. That can waste a lot of time
  • Leave the tricky questions to give time to it in the end
  • When the last 2-3 minutes are left, give that time to the questions candidates have left blank space for
  • But, still, do not give more than 2 minutes to those questions
  • This way, the candidate has surely attempted more than half questions already

sbi clerk mains time management tips

How To Attempt SBI Clerk Mains Reasoning

The following steps can help the candidates on how to manage their time for Reasoning section. All candidates must take a look:

  • Firstly, all the students must target to finish the SBI Clerk Reasoning section within 15-17 minutes
  • Moreover, if any student feels stuck on any question, they must not waste time thinking over it and getting stuck on it
  • Secondly, the stuck-situation can occur on any topic
  • Also, candidates must try to cover all questions within 12-14 minutes.
  • This way one can easily be done with at least 16 questions.
  • So, the rest of the 4-5 minutes should be spent on those questions the student feel are difficult
  • That is how the student can attempt MOST of the questions in the Reasoning section

sbi clerk mains time management tips

Important Instructions on How to Attempt SBI Clerk Mains

There are some things to keep in mind. Look at the following tips in order to know some important guidelines to attempt SBI Clerk Mains:

How To Crack SBI Clerk in First Attempt

  • First of all, candidates must not get scared at any section of the exam
  • Secondly, give instant answers first to the questions one is very confident about
  • Also, there is no compulsion of attempting all 200 questions
  • Most importantly, one must attempt at least 80-85 questions.
  • These many questions are enough to score well
  • Besides that. the difficulty level might vary.
  • But, there is still no need to worry
  • Be confident and calm about the exam
  • Besides that, candidates must practice SBI Clerk Previous Year Question Papers

How To Attempt SBI Clerk Mains Computer Aptitude Section

The students can check the Preparation Strategy for SBI Clerk Mains Exam Computer Aptitude as follows:

Also, check SBI Clerk Syllabus

  • The students must take out at least 2 hours for Computer Aptitude in a day
  • Candidates should practice solving more and more Previous Year Exam Paper and Model Question Papers which are based on Computer Knowledge. This practice will help candidates understand the subject a lot
  • Secondly, students must read topics of Computer Aptitude every day so that they don’t feel alien towards it when they appear in the question paper
  • Besides that, students must take notes in order to make the revision easy at the last time

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How To Attempt SBI Clerk Mains Maths Section

The best way to crack the Maths Section is as follows. Look at the tricks below:

SBI Clerk Exam Dates

  • First of all, the students should understand that they only have a few minutes left now
  • Secondly, students have to finish all the questions within that many minutes only
  • The students must not worry because the questions will not be very difficult
  • The students should remember they should not stop on lengthy calculations
  • Whatever question is clear, answer it and move ahead
  • The motif is to finish 17-18 questions within 15-18 minutes
  • Now the rest of the time is merely 2-3 minutes
  • Finally, candidates must give those 2-3 minutes to the questions they did not attempt now

sbi clerk mains time management tips


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