How Mock Tests benefit students?

How mock tests benefit students: Comprehensive guide to knowing how mock tests can help students.

How Mock Tests benefit students?

How mock tests benefit students: Mock test are a key determinant in deciding a success of a student in the exams. Mock tests are like practice sessions that can immensely help students.

Cricketers like batmen and ballers often go for practice and tests before they come to play for the real cricket match. Mock tests are somewhat like these practice sessions, that can be of immense help the way net practice is helpful to cricketers both batsmen and ballers alike.

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Competitive exams like SSC CGL, IBPS, RBI Grade B and other exams only get tougher each year and one can score good marks in these exams only when they practice with mock tests.

Mock tests can offer simulated exam lke environment that is helpful in replicating the exam like environment. Mock test scores matter a lot. How well you score in the mock tests will help you in judging how well you will do in the exams.

Mock tests have a lot of functional advantages, besides solving mock tests is some time well spent owing to the educational value that mock tests have to offer besides the learning experience. Lets look at some of the advantages of taking mock tests on computer and How mock tests benefit students?

1. Convenience

Candidates preparing for mock tests have a lot of convenience. One need not use traditional pen and paper as it can be time consuming. Mock tests saves time and is convenient as it can be accessed from anywhere. Candidates can take mock test either from home or using their smartphones, etc

2. Time management: Solving Mock tests help you to manage your time efficiently as practice makes a man perfect. The mock tests you take will help you to speed up during your examination.

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3. Encouragement or Discouragement: Mock tests have something instant to offer. You can either get encouraged or discouraged based on how well you score. If you managed to score well in the mock test, you can get encouraged. If your score is poor, it can discourage you. But this is not a sign of discouragement as mock test will point out where you can improve based on poor scores. It gives time to introspect.

4. Gives you a second chance: Mock tests will give you a second chance, though not really. Akin to an real life exam, mock tests have all the questions required to test your preparation that is necessary to know your scores. As these scores matter, solving more mock test helps you to test your preparation level and also improve. Thus giving you a second chance, if not literally.

5. Confidence: You can build your confidence based on mock test scores. You could also lose your confidence if you score less. So its your choice.

6. Computer Based test: The best part about taking Computer Based Test is that today most of the mock tests are conducted on Computer barring very few exams. It gives you good confidence and gives you the practice to use a computer while taking the real test.

7. You can change your answers:

Unlike paper and pen tests, where you dont get a chance to correct your mistakes. In computer based mock tests, you can change your answers before hitting the submit button.

8. Less Time consuming: Students often have to spend a lot of time while solving questions in pen and paper mode where they have to darken the OMR sheets. In the case of computer based mock tests they just have to pay attention to what is given, thereby saving a lot of time of ths students and candidates.

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9. Know where you stand: Mock tests give a clear idea of where you stand. It lets you know where you stand on a national level yardstick.

10. Assessment: You can assess your performance on a lot of parameters and know exactly which section of the exam you need to improve. There are a lot of assessment tools like graphs, performance charts that will help you know better.

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