How Does Group Study Work?

How Does Group Study Work?

How Does Group Study Work? Tips, Tricks on how to study in groups and the benefits of Group Study 

How Does Group Study Work? 

Human beings love being in groups and staying in groups, playing in groups. Similarly, group study is no different for humans who love to form groups and work in groups. Since human beings are social species even group study is not spared.  

Since being in school we study in groups. In tuition classes and coaching classes too the group study culture is emphasized. Group Study, like sports, teaches us the value of teamwork and it can do wonders to personal growth. It also teaches one to socialize.  

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Even in competitive exams like SSC, IBPS, CAT etc. teamwork can be very beneficial. It is certain that everyone cannot be good at everything. In the group study, our strengths and weaknesses come to the fore as we discover what we are good at in comparison. It is also a great way to make friends and work together.  

Let us take the example of a group 5 Students – Each one of them is good at one subject. Let’s name the five students as A, B, C, D, E. A is good at Quantitative Aptitude, B is good at Reasoning, C is good at English, D is good at General Awareness and E is good at Computer knowledge. Five of them will make for the perfect study group with the help of their strengths and weaknesses. This makes it easier for the five individuals as well as the entire group. Each of them is well versed in one subject and make the best use of their talent. 

If a C is preparing for SSC and is from the art background and is good in English and might not be good in Quantitative aptitude. So, there is A who is good in Quantitative aptitude and is from an engineering or Commerce background and can help the C who is good in English but bad at Quantitative Aptitude. Similarly, the C can help his friends A, B, D, E.  

Group Study is not widely practiced today as people are selfish to share their knowledge with others. However, once in a while group study can be a big motivating factor. People usually study by themselves. However, group study will help them to work on their skills. In a group study, the strength of every individual is displayed and candidates can take advantage of each other by helping one another.  

Benefits of Group Study in General Awareness: How does Group Study Work for SSC?  

Group Study can become very useful for subjects like General Awareness, where a combined group discussion session can be used to know what’s happening around the world. It is necessary to share the national and international news. Current affairs are rapidly changing and are very vast. Hence, Group Study will be of immense help to share knowledge.  

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Knowledge sharing has been enabled today through Social media. However, it can be noted that not all knowledge shared on social media is authentic. Group Study can make this a reality. Even Whatsapp Groups can be a great way of learning online through group Study. Even Live sessions on Facebook and Reddit AMA are in a way a form of group Study that will also help one know what is going on around the world. 

Benefits of Group Study:  Given Below are some of the benefits of Group Study

  1. End the Boredom 
  2. Make Friends  
  3. Stop Procrastinating 
  4. Learn Faster 
  5. Get a fresh perspective 
  6. Sharing is Caring 
  7. Learn New Things 
  8. Learn Group Behavior
  9. Share Resources

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