Homonyms Quiz Questions with Answers PDF Download

Homonyms are the words that are pronounced or spelt in the same manner but have different meanings. In many government exams or competitive exams, there are at least 1-2 Homonyms questions asked. If you are preparing for any entrance exams or government examinations, then attempt free Homonyms Quiz and enhance your preparation levels. Apart from exams, these homonyms are important to be known for daily life. So, along with the quiz, download our free Homonyms Questions and Answer PDF in this post.

Homonyms Quiz Questions & Answers PDF

  • Homonyms are two or more words that have the same sound or spelling but differ in meaning. Adjectives: homonymic and homonymous.
  • Generally, the term homonym refers both to homophones (words that are pronounced the same but have different meanings, such as pair and pear) and to homographs (words that are spelt the same but have different meanings, such as “bow your head” and “tied in a bow”).
  • One of the best ways to answer these Homonyms Questions correctly is to solve the Homonyms Quiz regularly. Take up the Daily English Quiz regularly to analyse your preparation levels.
  • Also, download the Homonyms Quiz PDF below and start preparing for respective exams.
  • Candidates can also go through the detailed explanation about Homographs and Homophones. Know their meanings and example questions.

How to Attempt Homonyms Quiz Questions?

If you are unable to score marks in Homonyms section, then follow these below simple tips to know the tricks to solve and get more marks.

  • Firstly, ensure to read the given question carefully and understand the scenario.
  • As the pronunciation would be the same in Homonyms words, try to know their meaning. This helps in correct placing of the word in the given blank.
  • Read homonyms words with meanings and sentences from prescribed books to know which type of questions can be asked. Candidates must ensure to refer to the best English Books to be thorough with all concepts in the English section.
  • Also, take up homonyms test regularly to analyse your preparation levels and know the difficulty level of the exam. You can also know which type of Homonyms Questions are asked.

Homonyms Examples with Sentences

Here are 10 homonyms with meanings and sentences to understand the complete meaning of Homonyms and how to answer the questions. Try to practice the Homonyms Quiz regularly to get a grip on the topic and score more marks.

  • I am unable to find my bat to play cricket
  • There is a bat hanging on the electric wire
  • I love eating dessert after my lunch
  • Have you ever been to dessert places for vacations?
  • I lost my favourite watch when I had been to fair.
  • Did you watch the latest series of Sacred Games?

Homonyms Quiz PDF Download

Check out the below PDF for Homonyms Questions and Answers. Download the Homonyms Quiz Questions PDF and enhance your preparation for the upcoming SSC Exams and other competitive examinations. This PDF includes examples for Homonyms, Homophones, and Homographs. Go through the Homonyms Questions PDF and understand the difference.

Download Homonyms Questions PDF

Homographs Questions and Answers

Homographs are words that have the same spelling but different pronunciations and meanings. Check out the below homographs questions and understand the difference.

  • The wind is blowing hard
  • I have to wind up my work.
  • Yesterday, I had been to a live concert near my place
  • I live in Bangalore

Homophones Questions and Answers

Homophones are words that have the same pronunciation but different spelling and meanings. Check out the below homophones questions and know the difference.

  • Your perfume has a wonderful ___. (a)scent; (b)sent; (c)cent
  • I banged my ___ on the leg of the table. (a)tow; (b)toe
  • I can play a few ___ on the guitar. (a)cords; (b)chords
  • I can’t eat this ___ pizza. (a)hole; (b)whole
  • We should ___ the plane now. (a)bored; (b)board
  • The wind ___ the door closed. (a)blue; (b)blew
  • What ___ do you take to work? (a)route; (b)root
  • Could you ____ with me for ten minutes? I’m just running a little late. (a)bear; (b)bare
  • I’d appreciate it if you could be ____ about this; we’re keeping it quiet until the details are finalised. (a)discreet; (b)discrete
  • Our ____ concern is that the project may not be completed before the June deadline. (a)principle; (b)principal

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