Hindu Editorial Vocabulary 30th October 2017

Hindu Editorial Vocabulary 30th October 2017

Hindu Editorial Vocabulary 30th October 2017 – List of words for the day to prepare for competitive exams.

Hindu Editorial Vocabulary 30th October 2017

Vocabulary is an important Part of English language. In order to Excel in a language, one must develop a good vocabulary. The meaning of the word Vocabulary literally means “the words of a language”. Vocabulary is also “the stock of words used by or known to a particular people or groups of persons”. (Dictionary.com).Vocabulary is frequently used in non verbal communication.

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The Hindu is one of the most respected newspapers in India especially for its use of language. The language of the Hindu is for the purist and those who are well versed in the language of English. The Hindu Newspaper Editorial vocabulary is meant to inform all readers and let them know about the latest words,idioms and phrases that will help them in the course of preparation for competitive exams. Vocabulary plays an important role in language. The more your vocabulary, the more the knowledge you have about a particular language.


1. ONSLAUGHT (NOUN): attack

Synonym: onrush, invasion

Antonym: retreat, defense

Usage: The party suddenly made an onslaught on him.

2. CONTORT (VERB): disfigure, distort

Synonym: deform, writhe

Antonym: beautify, smooth

Usage: Government is not going to contort the refugee laws.

3. WAFT (VERB): carry

Synonym: drift, convey

Antonym: hold, keep

Usage: They waft the information.

4. EDDY (NOUN):current

Synonym: whirlpool, tide

Antonym: calm, rest

Usage: Don’t know when will the eddy come to rest?

5. JOCKEY(VERB):maneuver

Synonym: handle, guide

Antonym: mislead, mismanage

Usage: He had no appetite to jockey his business dealings.

6. DEVIOUS (ADJECTIVE): deceitful

Synonym: duplicitous, insidious

Antonym: honest, forthright

Usage: He plays a devious character.

7. REVAMP (ADJECTIVE): renovate

Synonym: overhaul, refurbish

Antonym: ruin, damaged

Usage: She revamped her dream-catcher hanging beside her bed.

8. PEDIGREE (ADJECTIVE): thoroughbred

Synonym: full-blooded, pure-blood

Antonym: base-born, lowly

Usage: They like pedigree cats and Dogs.

9. AUSTERITY (NOUN): severity

Synonym: acerbity, gravity

Antonym: calmness, mildness

Usage: The austerity of the politician was well renowned.

10.SPASMODIC (ADJECTIVE): intermittent

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Synonym: fitful, irregular

Antonym: resting, uninterrupted

Usage: Days after the marathon, she had spasmodic muscle contractions that occurred without warning.

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