How does Group Study Work for SSC?

How does Group Study Work for SSC

Learn Tips, Tricks and Strategies for Group Study in SSC – How does Group Study Work for SSC?

How does Group Study Work for SSC?

Staff selection commission, SSC organizes various Central level govt. exams like SSC CGL, SSC CPO, SSC CHSL, etc. on yearly basis. These exams exhibit a high level of competition and demand intense determination to clear one of those exams. Nowadays due to the availability of various study resources and preparation tools, preparing for these exams have become a lot easier. Moreover, the need for classroom type studying habits cannot be denied and it can only be achieved by doing regular Group Study. So, how does Group Study Work for SSC aspirants?

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Well, there is no certain method to make it work but one thing is for sure that it gives an edge to your exam preparation for SSC. Group work or Team Work is one of the most important parts of life. We go to school, college, etc where classes and lectures are conducted in groups. The very habit of humans is to live in groups since the time civilization began. To make things more clearly for you to follow this one simple hack for SSC preparation, let me tell you the advantages it offers to the aspirants;

Learn faster and efficiently:

Learning is a process and when we are in any process alone, it is bound to take more time than what it would take working in a group. You tend to grasp things faster and efficiently when you listen to different contradicting views regarding any particular topic or subject. While you are always looking for the best of ways to solve certain problems, group study might help you find the one needed to turn yourself more efficient. You will never get stuck at any particular problem because there will be someone who has already mastered it or they have a better chance of reaching a conclusion.

Group study helps promote Creativity:

Every time you discuss any unique method in a group where people are more than eager to learn from it, it helps everyone. It promotes a sense of creativity where people collectively reach a conclusion. Sometimes you might feel that the way others are solving/ learning is more defined and easier and this kind of creativity can only show up when you are working in a group. SSC exam is more like a teamwork where you are always looking for better ways to find a solution.

Stop Procrastinating:

Whenever we get bored of doing anything, we feel like quitting or leaving that job for future and it’s very natural to humans. This kind of situation occurs mostly when you are studying alone and you don’t have people to look or seek for help but more than

Share and acquire Knowledge:

This is a great way to lend a helping hand to your friends and also take help from them. For example, a candidate who is good in Quantitative Aptitude can help the one who is bad at it. If a candidate is preparing for SSC and is from an arts background and is good in English and might not be good in Quantitative aptitude. So there is another student who is good in Quantitative aptitude and is from an engineering or Commerce background and can help the arts graduate who is good in English but bad at Quantitative Aptitude. Similarly, the arts graduate can help his friends from Engineering and commerce as he is well versed in English.

Apart from the above-mentioned benefits, there are a few others which should push you to do group study for a better outcome;

  • Make friends and Socialise
  • Fill the Gaps
  • Solutions to Lonely hours
  • Learn Team Work

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