Today’s Google Doodle Feature – Kamala Surayya

Today's Google Doodle Feature - Kamala Surayya

Today’s Google Doodle Feature – Learn who is Kamala Surayya/Kamala Das/Madhavikutty.

Today’s Google Doodle Feature – Kamala Surayya

Google honours exceptional people and events through creative and innovate doodles on their homepage, celebrating their contribution to the world. Today’s Google Doodle feature Kamala Surayya, a Malayali author. She is popularly known by the names of Madhavikutty and Kamala Das. Born on 31st March 1934, she was popular in Kerala for her short stories and autobiography. And her English work is known mainly for her explicit autobiographies and poems. Today’s Google doodle is created by artist Manjit Thapp to acknowledge her immense contribution to the literary field.

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Genes Matter!

Genes do run strong in our blood. Don’t believe it? Here’s some proof – Kamala’s father, V. M. Nair, was a former managing editor of the renowned Malayalam journal, Mathrubhumi. And her mother, Nalapat Balamani Amma, was a renowned Malayali poet. Convinced?

When Work is Love!

Her work spoke of an open mind, free from the fear of the big question on the majority of Indians’ minds – ‘What will society say?‘ She wasn’t afraid to express herself explicitly. And the Times has named her the mother of modern English Indian poetry.

She wrote on a variety of topics including sexuality and childbirth. Her autobiography, Ente Katha in Malayalam and My Story in English, talked about her unfulfilling marriage, suicidal tendencies, and other details. She, later, said that the autobiography consisted of many fictional segments.

Why Today?

On this day, her autobiography My Story was released. It was one of the most popular books amongst the public in those times. And it definitely makes sense to honour her through a Google Doodle today.

Immortality is Possible!

She left the Earthly abode on 31st May 2009. After her death, her last book, The Kept Woman and Other Short Stories was published. However, her work remains immortal in the minds of book-lovers and libraries spread throughout the world.

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