Good Friday – The irony, the depth, and the truth…

Good Friday - What's so good about this specific Friday?

Good Friday – See the good hidden within this occasion.

Good Friday – All about His sacrifice

This year, Good Friday will be celebrated across the world on 30th March. But do you know why it’s called Good Friday? Have you ever wondered what might be so particularly good about this day? Maybe, you already have an idea about the stories associated with it. Even if that’s the case, we are sure you will find something extra here. We’ll be discussing in detail about the occasion and what people do on this particular day. Let us all dive into the mesmerizing stories and rituals around it.

When do we celebrate Good Friday?

Good Friday is celebrated on the Friday before Easter Sunday. According to legends, this was the day Jesus got crucified. Isn’t it an irony that His death is celebrated widely every year? And that too in the name of Good Friday… Well, it does seem confusing. It might even seem sadistic. But things are not always what they look at the surface level. You need to delve deep in order to find the true meaning and intention behind a deed. We will be discussing the same in the next para.

Is Good Friday really about a good day?

The best explanation you will find is here. Jesus Christ endured torture and ultimately died for the sake of mankind. His love for mankind was the highest level of affection. And He sacrificed His body to pay for the sins of men.

What happened was – the common people accused Him of blasphemy when He called Himself the Son of God. Consequently, the Jewish priests sentenced Him to death. But before that, they needed the approval of Rome. Pontius Pilate, a Roman governor in Judea, found Him innocent but Jesus wished the men to decide His fate. As fate would have it, the mob nailed Him to His cross and staked Him. He endured the torture for hours before leaving the mortal world. But not for long… He resurrected on the third day (Easter Sunday) and that’s when the people realized about His real identity.

Time to celebrate Friday!

Fridays are always good – fun and relaxed! But since this one is extra special – in a different way, let us see how people around the world celebrate it. Many Catholics fast on this occasion. And many others eat fish – they avoid meat to respect His sacrifice. In Bermuda, people make kites and fly ’em to denote His ascent to heaven. Churches are draped in black clothing to remember Christ’s suffering and sacrifice, in Belgium and Mexico.

Good Friday marks the goodness in His heart. But not merely that… It’s also the day when we remember His unconditional love for us, humans.

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