Global Temperature Drop – What is happening?

Global Temperature Drop

Global Temperature Drop – Let us see what has contributed to this global temperature drop.

Global Temperature Drop – What is happening?

Winter is coming. That’s what they said. Well, what can we say? Winter has already come, it seems! The freezing cold has gripped the entire world. And the general opinion is that the temperatures have dropped considerably this year. Winter seems to be colder. And this is not merely our perception. Scientific studies support the theory of Global Temperature Drop. When everyone was talking about Global Warming, how did this sudden Global Cooling happen? Why is it happening? Was there any miscalculation? What does the future look like (climate-wise)? Let us see the answers now.

News In India

In India, places where winter used to be mild, have seen severe cold nights this year. As a special mention, we would like to take the example of Shillong. Though the climate of Shillong is naturally cool, this year the cold has aggravated. And everybody knows that it doesn’t snow in Shillong. However, this year, news came that snowfall occurred in Shillong about a week back. While some reports claimed that it was hailstone, the pictures of snow-covered streets and trees went viral on Social Media. And most of the people believed that it was snow. We too don’t know what exactly it was. What we know for sure – temperatures dropped to 0.7 degrees Celsius, the lowest in the decade.

(Moreover, our neighboring country, Bangladesh reported the lowest ever temperature in five decades. The temperature dropped to 2.6 degrees Celsius.)

News In US and UK

A ‘bomb cyclone’ or ‘weather bomb’ named Grayson is expected to cover the entire city of New England with 12 inches of snow, and 60 mph gusts along the east coast of US. Winter is probably the most severe in the USA. Record-breaking temperatures of – 35 degree Celsius, lower than the temperature of Mars, was reported in New Hampshire.

Global Warming & Global Cooling – Why is it happening?

We presume everybody was expecting temperatures to rise gradually, as stated in the Global Warming theory. We understand that ‘warming’ means higher temperatures, which has caused this confusion. Nonetheless, Climate Change is a more appropriate term for the phenomenon at rise. This will certainly clear your doubts. Due to increased industrialization and energy usage, the natural climate has been altered. This can contribute to periods of higher temperature as well as lower temperatures, as some scientists claim.

Another weather forecaster, John Hammond said that this might also be the cause of sunspot activity – lower, this year.

What does the future look like?

On the other hand, many scientists claim that Global Warming and Cooling is the natural cycle of Earth. This cycle occurs over a period of two or three centuries. And David Dilley stated that we have just entered a mini ice age. He predicted this to last about 100 years. He also stated that La Nina is responsible for causing this climate change. (La Nina occurs when sea surface temperatures in the central Pacific Ocean drop to lower-than-normal levels.)

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So, what is your opinion on the Global Temperature Drop? Please share your views and opinions on the same in the comments section below. We’d love to hear from you!


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