Global Happiness Index and India

The Global Happiness Index 2015 by the UN were out last summer. India was ranked 117th out of the lot of 158 countries. We’ve heard this story before isn’t it? . Ease of Doing Business Index, Air Quality Levels Index etc. Let’s stop it there!

On the other side-of-the-coin India’s Economy is one of the most promising, if not the most promising in the current scenarios. Yes, we should send a bouquet of flowers with a Thank You greeting to China, our main competitors in our critics’ words.

But I doubt the connotation that China is our main competitor? Realistically we only compete with China for the population race. It seemed we were winning that, but then at start of December China uplifted it’s ban on one-child policy, due to aging working population. Fellas’, stop constantly putting India in same bracket as China. See for comparison someone like Bangladesh ($1,086 -World Bank 2014) who has a similar per capita Income like India ($1,581 – World Bank 2014).

You might be thinking why I am comparing these indicators in an article on GHI and India? The point is when we observe and hear about these indicators we feel the pinch as Indians. And it affects our morale as Indian citizens. And so it affects the happiness.

The recent Jan DhanYojana scheme linked with Aadhar in some sectors (gas etc.) will bring down the leakages in subsidies to the poor strata of the society. It will cut down leakages in form of corruption, black market etc. It will result in higher rates of welfare penetration in rural as well as urban areas. The scheme has already increased banking penetration in India to 43% (as per RBI reports). And for those doubters, these 19 crores accounts have accumulated a sum of Rs. 27,000 crores in space of one-year.

Slowly but steadily India’s reforms are getting a boost. It was acknowledged in the Ease of Doing Business Index when India jumped 12 places to 130 out of 189 countries. As the reforms kick-in, so will further progress for India. It will result in more of people coming out of poverty etc. All this will in-turn affect the morale of Indian public on a positive note.

For now let’s concentrate on Reforms, so that India’s youth can utilize their resources, the poor can rise out from their misery and finally, India can be the top ranked Economy in the next decade.


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  1. I wish to thank the Indian Government for implementation of Jan DhanYojana scheme. This will slowly but steadily boost the economical reform all over India, that indirectly help to boost the GHI for Indian citizens. Let’s pray for better tomorrow, better civilization and compact digital India.

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