GK Questions Asked in SSC CGL 2017 Tier I exam held on 5th August


GK Questions Asked in SSC CGL 2017 Tier I Exam held on 5th August: GK Questions asked in the Slot 1 of SSC CGL Tier 1 Exam

GK Questions Asked in SSC CGL 2017 Tier I exam held on 5th August

SSC CGL is taken by lakhs of students every year. In 2017 alone there were 30 lakh applicants for SSC CGL. SSC CGL is abbreviated as Staff Selection Commission Combined Graduate level. SSC CGL is a highly respected post and candidates.

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The SSC CGL 2017 or SSC Combined Graduate Level exam every year for recruitment to non-technical Group B and Group C non-gazetted posts in various departments and ministries of the Government of India.

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In this article we look at the various questions asked in the General Awareness section.

General Awareness GK Question asked in SSC CGL 2017 Tier 1 Exam .

Shift 1:

1. Pannalal Ghosh plays which instrument? Ans: Flute

2. Author of the The Sellout Book? Ans. Paul Beaty

3. What is the minimum age for being elected as Vice President? Ans. 35

4. Who was the son of Chandragupta Maurya? Ans Bindusara

5. Which dynasty came after Tuglak? Ans.  The Sayyid dynasty

6. Ekuverin Military Exercise is conducted between India and which country? Maldives

7. Which device is used to measure soil moisture tension? Ans. Tensiometer

8. Who got Polly Umrigar Award? Ans. Virat Kohli

9. On Nov 9, 2016, where was the test match played? Ans. Kanpur

10. What is the unit of Force? Ans. Newton

11. Which article gives the President the Power to consult Supreme Court.? Ans. Article 143

12. Who is Vice-Chief of Niti Aayog? Arvind Panagariya

13. Which memory stores data permanently? Ans. ROM

14. Turtle, Lizard, Snake fall under which category? Reptilian
17. Who is USA’s largest Military Partner? India
18. One Question on CATions?
19.Sandstone is made up of? Ans. Quartz and Feldspar
20. Which is the folloing is poor conductor? Ans Glass
21. A Question on Demand Curve.
22. A Question on Reverse Repo rate.
23. Where Is the temple of Kala bhairava? Ujjain, MP
24. 2016 man Booker prize ? Paul Beatty for The Sellout
25. Which of the following does not form Foam?

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26.Unit of Pressure? Pascal

27. SI Unit of Work? Joule

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